Minister of Defense undertakes actions in the case of ‘shocks’ in the Government

Iván Velásquez, head of the Defense portfolio of President Gustavo Petro, expressed his absolute rejection of the alleged illegal interceptions revealed yesterday by the Attorney General’s Office and assured that whoever has given the instruction to ‘shut down’ the telephone lines will not be protected Marelbys Meza, Laura Sarabia’s former babysitter, and another woman identified as “Fabiola.”

In this sense, the Minister of Defense has already taken the first actions to find those responsible and has held a meeting with the current Director of the National Police, Major General William Salamanca, whom he asked to investigate the interceptions in which Marelbys Meza and another woman, accused of being aliases ‘La Cocina’ and alias ‘La Madrina’, of having a relationship, without foundation, with the Clan del Golfo and one of its leaders, alias ‘Siotas’.

We have to find the truth, we are facing a fact that has not been clarified,” the chief of staff was quoted as saying during the meeting with the main head of the National Police.


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