Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min “The best in the given situation” Rejected the resignation request

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In the National Assembly, the second hearing was held today for the government’s investigation into the October 29 disaster.

Public Administration and Security Minister Lee Sang-min, who appeared as a witness, said “I will do my best in the position given to me” despite repeated calls from the opposition to resign, and the ruling party supported the Minister Lee, saying it was a political insult from the opposition.

Reporter Yoo Chung-hwan reports.

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Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min attended the hearing.

When asked if he had any intention of resigning, he dismissed it as not.

[천준호/더불어민주당 의원]

“The responsibility for the investigation and the disaster has been focused on the people who did rescue work on the spot and on the people below. Is there no room for resignation?”

[이상민/행정안전부 장관]

“In any case, I will replace it with the words that I will do my best in the position I am currently given.”

As the disaster manager, he acknowledged his responsibility, but did not say how he would take responsibility.

[윤건영/더불어민주당 의원]

“As Minister, answer me. Has the state been responsible for the safety of its people?”

[이상민/행정안전부 장관]

“I admit my faults.”

[윤건영/더불어민주당 의원]

“How will you fulfill your responsibility? How will you fulfill your responsibility before the people?”

[이상민/행정안전부 장관]

“I told you there are many ways to fulfill your responsibilities.”

The word ‘accident’, not disaster, appeared again.

[이상민/행정안전부 장관]

“On behalf of the government to the bereaved families who lost loved ones in the Itaewon ‘accident’ that happened on October 29…”

[진선미/더불어민주당 의원]

“The Itaewon accident, while talking about it, there were parts that were still worried that there was an intention to reduce the meaning of this event.”

The ruling party defended the pressure to resign as a political insult.

[이만희/국민의힘 의원]

“They threaten you with lies. They force you too much to resign, and for whom and for what purpose are you holding the hearing?”

The grieving family became resentful in the ongoing struggle.

“My child died walking… he died on the way home…”

There were protests against the minister.

[이종철/유가족협의회 대표]

“Minister Lee Sang-min. Why, why did he never come to our children… Who ordered him?”

The debate regarding the last statement of Minister Lee Sang-min, who said that there was no list of bereaved families, was also repeated.

[이상민/행정안전부 장관 (지난달 27일 기관보고)]

“The Seoul Metropolitan Government did not hand over the list. If you check with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, you will know.”

[이상민/행정안전부 장관 (오늘)]

“What the secretaries remember is that it is difficult to secure a list because of privacy protections.

In response to criticism from the opposition for blatant perjury, Minister Lee explained that he was not aware of the situation.

This is Yoo Chung-hwan from MBC News.

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