Minister trolls actor Ajun Kapoor; Be careful when acting without threatening people… | Focus on your actions instead of threatening: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister trolls Arjun Kapoor

CoAfter Vid, it is not a good time for Bollywood movies. None of the big budget movies that have come out have succeeded in satisfying the audience. Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chadha and Akshay Kumar’s Rakshabandhan disappointed the audience. A boycott call was also raised against the films.

Recently, actor Arjun Kapoor in an interview with Bollywood Hunkam has criticized the boycott against the film. Now the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister has come forward against the actor. The response was by calling him a flop actor.

“It does not seem good for a flop actor to threaten the public. It is better to focus on your acting than to threaten people. Do you or your followers dare to make a film that targets other religions,” asks Mishra.

In an interview with Bollywood Hunkam, Arjun Kapoor said that it was their mistake to remain silent. We saw the politeness shown as weakness. Tolerate quite a lot. But now people are used to it. All these bombastic hashtags are far from the truth. None of these exist – said Arjun Kapoor

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