Ministry of Airborne Affairs, Son Jun-sung notified of ‘Suspected Judge’s Inspection’ Investigation

On the 22nd, it was reported that the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office, which is investigating the allegation that presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol ordered the preparation of so-called ‘Judges Inspection Documents’ while serving as the Prosecutor General, requested the attendance of Prosecutor Son Jun-seong, who oversaw the preparation of the documents.

According to the Dong-A Ilbo coverage, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs informed Prosecutor Sohn last week, “Please attend the Airborne Service on the 19th and 20th to receive investigation into the allegations of judicial review documents.” However, Prosecutor Sohn sent a letter of opinion to the Public Air Service stating, “We did not receive any data to know what the charges were, and we will attend after receiving documents such as a letter of indictment.” It is known that the Airborne Service and the Sohn Prosecutor’s Office have not yet confirmed the investigation schedule.

On the 22nd, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs summoned Kim Han-me, the representative of a civic group, who accused Yoon and others of ‘writing a judge’s temple document’ as a accuser and investigated it. Candidate Yoon was accused of instructing the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation and Information Policy in February last year, while serving as the Prosecutor General, to prepare a document ‘Analysis of Major Cases’ containing the high school and university of 37 judges, major judgments, and whether or not to include a ‘Judge Blacklist’. are receiving At that time, the investigative information policy officer was Prosecutor Son.

Prosecutor Sohn, who has already been investigated twice by the Airborne Service as a suspect due to the suspicion of Candidate Yoon’s accusation, said that he would not respond to the request for attendance until he received an answer from the Ministry of Airborne Affairs to the request to exclude Yeo Woon-guk, the deputy director of the Airborne Division, from the investigation command line. passed on Prior to this, as soon as it became known that Deputy Director Yeo received a phone call from Rep. Park Seong-joon of the Democratic Party of Korea on October 12, the day after the National Assembly audit, Prosecutor Sohn told the Public Investigation Service, “We are investigating a woman suspected of colluding with a specific political force to conduct an investigation. Please exclude me from the .” The Ministry of Airborne Affairs said, “The deputy director of the National Assembly, who is in charge of the affairs of the National Assembly, is in a position where he cannot refuse calls from members of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee.” Correspondent Kodoye
By Bae Seok-jun, staff reporter

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