Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, “We made history”… The first non-English speaking country to win an Emmy Award for ‘Squid Game’

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

[국민투데이 김여화 기자] Did you hear that the Squid Game was the first non-English person to win an Emmy?

At the 74th Emmy Awards, he won six categories including Best Actor, Best Director, Best Actress, Stunt Performance, Visual Effects, and Production Design.

◆ Emmy Award Prediction

Expectations for winning an Emmy Award are raised by winning awards at major award ceremonies in the United States, such as the Golden Glove, People’s Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Critics’ Choice Awards.

◆ The first prize that does not speak English

Since 1949, only dramas produced in English have been nominated, but it was chosen as the first non-English language film to be nominated for Best Picture, and was nominated 14 times in 13 categories.

◆ Expectations and praise from foreign media

‘The Squid Game’, which had explosive international popularity, is writing new history and has won several awards at the Emmy Awards.
– The New York Times, USA (‘22.09.13)

As soon as it was released, the drama became a popular culture phenomenon and became the first non-English series to be nominated for an Emmy.
– USA, CNN (‘22.09.13)

‘The Squid Game’ not only became the first non-English film to participate equally in an award ceremony presented by the Hollywood Television Academy, but it is also a symbol of the future of television media.
The Korean video industry has already had audiences around the world for decades, and when Netflix decided to invest, it was in a position to change the current Hollywood monopoly system.
– Argentina, La Nation (‘22.09.12)

◆ K content status established by the squid game

The squid game creates a value of 9 trillion dollars (about 1.23 trillion won)
– USA, Bloomberg (‘21.10.17)

The most viewed work in 94 countries, with a record 1.65 billion views in 4 weeks after the Netflix release.
– Turkiye, Foster (‘22.06.13)

Los Angeles, USA designated 17 September as ‘Squid Game Day’ to commemorate the socio-cultural influence of the squid game.
– China, Global Times (‘22.09.14)

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