Ministry of Employment and Labor – Four telecommunications companies (KT, SKT LGU+ SKB), joint campaign to improve public safety awareness – Press release | briefing room | news

– Operation of 3,500 commercial vehicles of four telecommunications companies with the slogan of improving security awareness –

The Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency together with the four telecommunications companies held a launch ceremony on December 5 for the 「Joint Campaign for Safety and Health Vehicles of the Ministry of Employment and Safety and the Health Agency and the four . telecommunications companies.”

KT, SK Telecom, LGU+, and SK Broadband, which represents the telecommunications industry, collaborated on this campaign to raise awareness of safety and health among the public. It will be implemented in the form of attaching a slogan* and will lasts for more than six months from December.

Since the beginning of this year, the four telecommunications companies have been independently operating the ‘Safety and Health Advisory Body for the Four Telecommunications Companies’, where executives and heads of departments responsible for health and safety all companies participating to improve safety and health. the level of health of the domestic telecommunications industry.

This council shares and discusses safety and health trends, new technologies, accident cases, and safety and health plans for partners, and this campaign also began with the council’s proposal.

On the other hand, on November 30, the Ministry of Employment and Labour, in order to reduce the accident fatality rate to the average level of the OECD by 2026, has drawn up a ‘Road Map for Reducing Serious Accidents’ which focuses on a system stop self-discipline. focus on risk assessment instead of post-regulation and punishment.

The Head of Occupational Safety and Health, Ryu Gyeong-hee, emphasized, “The road map’s goal of significantly reducing serious accidents is only possible when a culture is established where every member of society regards safety as an important value, and only when a safety culture will be established. support we can move to a developed country in security.”

Additionally, “This campaign is significant as it has been voluntarily led by four companies representing the telecommunications industry to prevent industrial accidents among workers in the telecommunications industry as well as improve public safety awareness.” It is expected to contribute to improving the awareness of safety culture in travel throughout the country, and the government will actively cooperate and support so that companies’ safety culture activities can spread to other industries in the future. “

Inquiries: Chiwook Won Industrial Accident Prevention Support Division (044-202-8930)

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