Ministry of Environment Ensures Ample Supply of Urea Water at Gas Stations

Ministry of Environment Assures Ample Supply of Urea Water for Vehicles


Date: September 12, 2023

The Ministry of Environment, under the guidance of Minister Han Hwa-jin, has recently addressed concerns regarding the availability of urea water for vehicles. Dispelling any doubts, Minister Han confirmed that most gas stations across the country typically offer urea water, ensuring an uninterrupted supply and demand.

On September 11, the Ministry of Environment accessed data from Opinet ( and revealed that out of the 3,103 gas stations surveyed, an overwhelming 97% – or 3,014 stations – have confirmed availability of urea water for vehicles. These statistics were compiled by Offinet, a highly regarded gas station oil price information site that also provides real-time updates on urea sales prices and inventory.

Motorists can easily access the availability of urea water in their area through Offinet’s user-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, individuals can identify nearby gas stations where they can purchase urea water without any inconvenience.

Moving forward, the government is committed to meticulously assessing the global situation, particularly in China, as well as domestic manufacturing and distribution factors for urea water. These measures aim to prevent any potential disruptions in the supply and demand of this vital resource. Rest assured, the Ministry of Environment remains dedicated to upholding a seamless and efficient supply chain for urea water, benefiting all vehicle owners in the country.

In conclusion, given the comprehensive data obtained from Opinet and the ongoing monitoring efforts by the Ministry of Environment, there is no cause for concern regarding urea water availability. Motorists can continue to rely on gas stations for their urea water needs, with a peace of mind that their vehicles will operate smoothly and in an eco-friendly manner.


The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Hwa-jin) announced that there is no problem with the supply and demand of urea water for vehicles, as most gas stations usually sell urea water.

Urea water gas station status Officenet (2023.09.12.)

According to the Ministry of Environment, on September 11, according to Opinet (, out of 3,103 gas stations that provide urea inventory information, 3,014 gas stations (97%) were confirmed to have water urea for vehicles in stock..

Offinet, a gas station oil price information site, provides information on urea sales prices and available inventory. Accordingly, users can check the availability of urea water on Offinet and then purchase urea water at a nearby gas station.

In the future, the government plans to carefully examine (monitor) the local situation in China and the domestic urea water manufacturing and distribution status to prevent disruptions in the supply and demand of urea water.

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