Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’Caught’ an Unlicensed Manufacturer and Distributor of 10 Million Health Masks

【Youth Daily】 The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety arrested Mr. B, the representative of A company, on charges of manufacturing and selling unlicensed health masks in violation of the’Pharmaceutical Affairs Act’ by exploiting social confusion that became unstable due to’Corona 19′ It was announced on the 29th that it was sent to the prosecution.

They jointly mocked each other and produced 1,020,000 health masks and 4 billion won worth of health masks for about four months from June 26 to October 16, and distributed and sold 4,200,000 units, and 6 million are currently under investigation. .

Mr. B produced an unlicensed KF94 mask by mass-producing masks at an unauthorized factory, and then receiving mask packaging from three licensed companies and packing and delivering them.

In particular, they were found to have manufactured and sold unlicensed health masks while avoiding investigations by controlling working hours, etc., even though they were arrested as suspects and under investigation.

In this case, the investigation was conducted with a report from a consumer that the purchased mask appears to be a fake, and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is conducting additional investigations targeting companies that distribute unauthorized health masks.

An official from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said, “In order to eradicate illegal manufacturing and sales practices that abused the social confusion caused by Corona 19, we will strictly investigate the violating companies.” “Illegal manufacturing and selling health masks without permission and imported products He said, “We plan to continuously investigate the act of selling cheating as if it is domestic.”

【Youth Daily = Reporter Ahn Sang-jun】


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