Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kim Yeo-jung discussion, “Our government’s denuclearization efforts have a significant impact on North Korea”

Spokesman Lim Su-seok, Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefs regularly [사진 제공: 연합뉴스]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vice Minister of the Workers’ Party of North Korea, Kim Yeo-jeong, issued a statement in response to South Korea’s push for independent sanctions against North Korea today, saying, “It shows that our efforts to dissuade North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons has a significant impact on the North Korean regime.” “, he assessed.

“While North Korea focuses on illegal maritime activities and cyber activities to avoid international sanctions against North Korea, it has responded unusually sensitively to our independent review of sanctions,” said Lim Su-seok, a spokesman for the Ministry. Foreign Affairs, at today’s regular briefing.

“North Korea is trying to shift responsibility at every opportunity to avoid international condemnation and sanctions in the process of continuing its provocations to promote its nuclear and missile capabilities and threats to use nuclear weapons against us,” said Lim.

“By strengthening sanctions against North Korea in close cooperation with the United States and the international community, we will create an environment in which North Korea has no choice but to abandon its nuclear development and return to denuclearization negotiations, ” said Im.

“If North Korea carries out a major provocation, such as its seventh nuclear test, we will consider imposing sanctions in areas such as cyber and maritime,” he said.

In a statement released today via the Chosun Central News Agency, Vice Minister Kim Yeo-jeong criticized, “The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs used the phrase ‘provocation’ for our self-defense exercise, and blew a blow that it considered extra . measures of ‘reader penalties’.”

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