Ministry of Industry “ Peak demand for electricity in winter is the third week of January… “Maximum use of nuclear power”

Entering a new nuclear power station… Increased supply capacity
Reducing fine dust by stopping coal power generation

The government predicted that the peak demand for power this winter would be similar or slightly higher than the previous year, and the peak time (maximum load) would be the third week of January next year.

Second Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Park Il-joon visited Wolseong Nuclear Power Headquarters in Gyeongju on the 30th and announced the forecast for winter power supply and demand and countermeasures at the power supply and demand countermeasures inspection meeting and held with main. organizations associated with power.

The Ministry of Industry predicted that peak power demand would increase to 90.4 to 94.0 GW (gigawatt) in the third week of January. This is similar to or slightly higher than the record high for electricity demand (90.7GW) recorded in December last year. Due to the arrival of new nuclear power plants, such as the 1.4GW Shinhanul Unit 1, which is scheduled for completion next month, it was predicted that the supply capacity would increase by 5.5GW to 109.0GW from last year’s peak period. It is seen that the reserve power will maintain a stable power supply and demand situation with 15.0 ~ 18.6 GW.

The government decided to do its best to supply and demand electricity in preparation for unstable liquefied natural gas (LNG) and bituminous coal supply and demand due to the global energy crisis, a sudden increase in electricity demand due to a sudden cold wave, and disaster. situations such as forest fires. First of all, the plan is to optimize the maintenance schedule to optimize nuclear power plants, and enter new nuclear power plants on time. In addition, it secures up to 9.8GW of reserve resources for each phase of the supply pool to ensure a stable supply even when demand for electricity increases, and, if necessary, it stable inventory management by purchasing additional bituminous coal and LNG on the spot.

The government will also cooperate to reduce fine dust by closing 8 to 14 of 53 public coal power plants this winter. However, it was decided that the upper limit (80%) of coal power generation output was flexible.

Vice Minister Park asked, “Inspect power generation, transmission and distribution facilities in advance and thoroughly control the introduction of power generation fuel.”

Reporter Lee Eun-joo

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