Ministry of Industry, “Simple Ideas for Economic Cooperation”

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on the 29th that it was different from the facts about the recent controversial issue of’promotion of the construction of North Korean nuclear power plants’.

The controversy arose when the list of 530 files deleted by officials of the Ministry of Industry, accused of interfering with the audit of the Auditor in connection with the early shutdown of the Wolseong nuclear power plant, was released.

According to the prosecution, there was a folder called’pohjois’, which means north in Finnish, and a folder called’Bukwonchu’, which is an abbreviation for North Korea’s nuclear power plant promotion. It contained files such as’the current status of the North Korean power industry and examples of German integration’.

Some argue that the date of writing these documents is estimated to be May 2-15, 2018, based on the numbers written on the file. Since this period is between the first inter-Korean summit and the second inter-Korean summit, the suspicions have been further amplified. As the controversy grew, the Ministry of Industry published a brief data belatedly and said, “A simple idea in case the future inter-Korean economic cooperation becomes active. Internal data reviewed at the dimension.”
(Sejong = News 1)

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