Home Health Ministry of Public Health expects more COVID-19 cases to report outbreaks in each area Expect to use strong drugs tomorrow.

Ministry of Public Health expects more COVID-19 cases to report outbreaks in each area Expect to use strong drugs tomorrow.

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Ministry of Public Health expects more COVID-19 cases to report outbreaks in each area Expect to use strong drugs tomorrow.

Today (3 January 2021) Dr. Sophon Iamsirithaworn, MD. Deputy Director-General, Department of Disease Control Announced at the Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) reports on the progress of the coronavirus outbreak 2019 or COVID-19 in entertainment venues. And restaurants in the Pinklao area Bangkok that from the investigation of the disease of the Health Bureau of Bangkok and the Provincial Public Health Office (Provincial Health Office), Nonthaburi, Nakhon Pathom Province, Division of Epidemiology, Office of Disease Prevention and Control 4, Saraburi (Sor Kor Sor 4), found that starting With COVID-19 patients in restaurants, including staff, singers, service users The first case was detected on December 17, during the same period that the infection was found at the shrimp market in Samut Sakhon Province, while the infection was spread to nearby areas. Three restaurants have been investigated and controlled. But today, the number of cases has increased from 49 to 55, most of whom were tested after the outbreak was known at the site.

Dr. Sophon said that the area is in Bang Phlat district. Which is the red area that the Governor of Bangkok Was declared as the maximum control area Together with Bang Khun Thian District, next to Samut Sakhon Province, where infected migrant workers were found and another district is Nong Khaem District, which is the 3 districts with the highest rates of sickness and patient encounter. Nonthaburi Province by Nonthaburi province investigates the outbreak in Bang Yai market. 24 infected people were found and observed that there were both Myanmar nationality migrant workers, followed by Cambodia and Laos, where Vietnam workers were also found at another point.

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“It is worrying that Workers working in other establishments There is a risk that the infection will be detected So ask the caretaker The employer monitors Be careful to observe the symptoms of labor that may not have much, such as a cold, cough, sore throat, request to be separated to send for diagnosis and follow the advice of the Ministry of Labor by wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, spacing and screening fever every day. ”Said Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control.

Dr. Sophon said another part is An outbreak in the Rayong province is preliminary to smuggling gambling. Later found more and more infected people. The red areas found tall patients were Phra Hill, Choeng Hill and inlet, which found that the distant areas were yellow. There were fewer than 10 cases in the number of cases, but in orange was not more than 20 cases and when the outbreak occurred. Those infected can also infect their families, such as parents who go to gambling houses. And infecting their children As a result, at least 7 schools have now been found with schoolchildren infected by their parents, so the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the closure of schools in 28 provinces, which are the most controlled areas. It is effective from January 4 – February 1, 2021.

“It is noteworthy that This infection can occur across the province, for example, a female student visiting her mother in Rayong Province. Which has a history of gambling And the infection returned to Kanchanaburi, but it is under the control of the authorities, ”said Dr. Sophon, and that another case is linked to Mae Daeng Market, Rayong Province, the infected person is a fresh chicken trader. And being a Myanmar man Catfish trade occupation This is in line with the risks that arose earlier in Samut Sakhon Province, starting from the shrimp market. And infection was found in other markets where goods are traded to other markets, with two cases linked to gambling venues. Therefore, the Rayong Communicable Disease Committee Therefore an order was made to close the Mae Daeng market From 2-5 January to clean and search for people who may be exposed to infection. If there is a case of people traveling to this market, observe themselves 14 days from the last day of the market. If you are sick, you should wear a mask. Avoid traveling in public transport, get to see a doctor at the hospital immediately.

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Dr. Sophon said that the first 2 cases of infected bus drivers and vans were the drivers of a Rayong-Bangna route. And the other is a bus driver on the Rayong-Chiang Mai route, where the Rayong Provincial Health Office and the Department of Disease Control Investigation found that both of them had a history of risk from being in the point of being involved in gambling smugglers, the Ministry of Transport will have Intensifying measures to take care of people in the use of public transport. But let’s emphasize that Everyone must register Thai wins. Wear a mask during the trip. Avoid eating in the car And if there is an illness, postpone the trip

“Beginning to meet a new outbreak From mid December In foreign workers And attached to Thai people In which alien disease control is more difficult than Thai people, part of which is the population scattered everywhere. And most of the infections have no symptoms, so their focus is on promoting personal hygiene. And limit travel across provinces But later began to have an epidemic in Thai people Who entered the casino And later entertainment venues But in the process of controlling the disease Even though the place is closed But some of them may have no symptoms. Therefore asked this group to be vigilant until 14 days. Asked to wear a mask to be examined and it is important to complete the history of the risk For the officer to accurately assess And most recently, the infection began in Thai people in general Together with family members All of this is something everyone has to work on to slow down a more widespread epidemic.

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However, Dr. Sophon said that The number of infected will continue to increase. Even though disease control in foreign workers has reached a certain level Therefore, in the post-New Year period, it is expected The infection may still be found in the affected area. And entertainment venues are a high risk. Therefore, as of January 4, strict measures are expected to hedge the risks in these locations.

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