Ministry of Public Health explains that only one bed of covid patients is owned by civil society, asserts that Bangkok is still empty

The Ministry of Public Health (MOH) said the only overflowing beds for coronavirus patients belonged to the civil society sector, while 1,300 more beds were still vacant in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, suggesting that the infected people need to go to the community waiting centers.

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Date 27 Feb 65 Dr. Natthaphong Wongwiwat Deputy Director General, Department of Medical Affairs The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) mentioned the case of Doctor Lab Panda’s page publishing news photos of people infected with COVID-19 overflowing with Community Isolation (CI) waiting centers in Bangkok that there are 31 CIs in Bangkok, including approximately 3,981 beds, 2,644 beds have been used, 1,337 beds are still available. In addition, the BMA is also preparing to open 9 additional CIs, totaling 1,000 beds, thus confirming that the overall view of CI beds in Bangkok is still available to accommodate people. infect

“The picture of infected people who exceed the number of CI beds supported is only one of the civil society responsible for the operation, totaling about 120 beds, but accepting over 200 infected people. If it is overloaded, it will be forwarded to another CI point of Bangkok where there are many empty beds. and ready to accept infected people to take care of And if the use of CI beds exceeds 70-80%, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is ready to expand the CI more,” said Dr. Nuttaphong.

Dr Nattaphong said that those who have tested positive for ATK, if unable to self-isolate at home under the Home Isolation (HI) system, can contact the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for CI services, confirming that there are enough beds available.

By contacting via the phone number of the Covid Operation Center in all 50 districts of Bangkok, where the accommodation is located. Or contact all 69 Bangkok Health Service Centers. They will coordinate for further import into the CI system, or you can go directly to the CI for services.

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