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Ministry of Public Health reveals many areas Found a large sub-cluster. Emphasize opening the country, don’t just be comfortable

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Ministry of Public Health reveals many areas Found a large sub-cluster. Emphasize opening the country, don’t just be comfortable Ready to adjust measures if severely ill – intubation increased Emphasize that the highest measures must be taken anytime, anywhere

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Date 18 Oct ’64 Dr. Chawetsan Namwat Director of the Department of Disease Control and Health Emergencies, Department of Disease Control, announced that it will monitor the situation of COVID-19 before opening the city to tourists. Today, 10,612 people have recovered from the coronavirus, more than 10,111 new infections and 63 deaths.

Among them were 60 years of age and 94% of whom were chronically ill, 107,226 were on treatment. 32,472 ATK samples were tested positive for 1,612, or 5%. Overall, the infection decreased but began to stabilize. More than 100 infected areas are still close to the same every day.

Department of Disease Control, a meeting of the Emergency Operations Center gathered details of the area and found that Many areas still have new clusters of infections continually emerging. But it’s not a large cluster with many infections. but in small areas, such as a market in Chanthaburi 43 cases, a construction camp in Chanthaburi 3 cases, Rayong 29 cases, fruit trees in Chanthaburi 2 cases, restaurants in Chanthaburi 6 cases

Educational institutions in Trang 7 cases, Chachoengsao 7 cases, Lopburi 5 cases, the same workplace, Surin 4 cases, Lamphun 11 cases, Phichit 7 cases, and funerals Lamphun 2 cases, Khon Kaen 3 cases, Loei 4 cases, Sa Kaeo 4 cases, Kanchanaburi 9 cases, etc.

However To live with covid 19 free and open the city. We weren’t just looking at the number of infections. But look at many things together, for example, patients with severe pneumonia are treated in the hospital if the system supports well. Although the infection has fluctuated somewhat, this may not be an indication to stop measures. In many countries, the number of infections has returned to higher. But still open the country to receive continuous travelers Therefore, it must be continuously monitored to see how severely sick each area is.

After opening the country, has the trend changed? including ventilator and death Currently, patients with severe pneumonia and wearing ventilators have decreased respectively. However, there is a meeting together that if the country is opened and infected, there will be more hospitalizations. How much will they have to respond or adjust the measures? to suit but will strict measures to prevent infection If the infection increases, the proportion of intensive care units and ventilators may increase.

“The situation in Thailand has passed its peak. Bangkok perimeter tends to decline continuously Vaccination is very comprehensive. the southern area where the epidemic is spreading Trying to manage and take care of it fully. There is a central team overseeing and supplementing the Pfizer vaccine. which is a different part does not affect the goal of injecting students

However, when relaxing, there are various activities. Please provide maximum protection at all times. which we may be too comfortable with see the trend is not worried Or may see happen in other areas far from us, do not trust. Don’t fall guard, maximum protection all the time, everywhere and everyone. Business establishments organize measures for COVID Free Setting. We will be safe together. because of the higher infection,” said Dr. Chawetsan.

Chawetsan, MD. It said that as for vaccination on October 17, an increase of 475,053 doses, cumulatively 65,677,794 doses, divided into the first dose of 37.6 million, representing 52.3 percent, the second dose 36.2% and the third dose 2.7%. Then 1.13 million or 25.3%

Now there are more parents expressing their intentions. The Pfizer vaccine is distributed today, and it will be completed in the 1st injection tomorrow. As for tourism pilot areas in 17 provinces, the first injection was 72.9%, with Bangkok, Phuket, Chonburi, Samut Prakan having high injections. Will inject more accordingly. Group 608, the first injection was 73.5%, while the 10 provinces watched (Watch List) had the first injection 45%.

Therefore, at the end of this month, we need to accelerate our injections to reach our goal of 50%. Currently, we are still using the cross-synovac vaccine followed by AstraZeneca as the main formulation, but Astra may not deliver in some amount. but close to prevent interruption problems Academic committee proposes CCC approves Sinovac-Pfizer formula In order for the period when Astra’s hand was tight, it was later than expected or below the expected amount. which is normal in an emergency that focuses on the highest safety standards There may be a delay in delivery, there is a Sinovac-Pfizer formula available.

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