Ministry of Public Health to discuss the reduction of Covid-19 alert Reduce the quarantine days for high-risk groups to 7 days

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19 Jan 2022 19:07

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health reveals that the Covid-19 alert level 4 is due tomorrow, pending the results of the Omikron study. To discuss lowering the warning level, a proposal to reduce the quarantine date for high-risk groups by 10 days to 7 days has passed the ECO meeting.

On 19 Jan. 65, Dr. Kiattipoom Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health gave an interview about the reduction of the Covid-19 warning level that the Ministry of Public Health A COVID-19 warning has been issued to the people as a guideline for behavior On January 6, 2022, it was announced that the warning level was raised to level 4, such as refraining from going to risky places. Refrain from eating and drinking in the restaurant. Avoid large gatherings. Travel across the province as necessary. Take public transport as needed. and increase caution refrain from traveling abroad And protect yourself with VUCA together with the color adjustment of the area. reduce the chance of infection From the number of infections in the past 10 days, it is considered mild. tends to decrease able to cope And from surveillance for tracking Omicron strains, it was found that about 95% had few symptoms. The two deaths reported infected with omikron strains being an elderly person and has a rather severe underlying disease and another critically ill patient had symptoms of tuberculosis. and alcoholism together

Tomorrow (January 20, 2022) will be a 2-week follow-up cycle for consideration of lowering the warning level. This requires a combination of factors such as transmission rate, mortality, and is pending the results of a clinical study on COVID-19. Omicron species from the medical department and the Department of Medical Sciences It is estimated that there are about 10,000 cases to determine the nature of the infection and how it affects serious illness and death. for information in discussions to lower the alarm level and further measures will be put in place. The decision will depend on the CCC on an academic basis.

Dr. Kiatpoom continued that for the opening of a new round of TEST & GO, you need to look at the balance. and additional measures such as increasing the detection of infection Increasing insurance coverage which must be discussed with the Prof. and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Currently, there are still people who have registered before. and still found infection As of today, there are 59 cases, as for the reduction of quarantine days for high-risk contacts to 7 days + 3 days, which is to quarantine no more than 7 days, check ATK on the first day and before the last day. When the result is negative, they can lead a normal life. but have to strict measures avoid many people And rechecked on the 10th. The proposal has now been passed at the ECO meeting and is in the process of issuing a guideline document.

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