Home Health Ministry of Public Health urged the facts If a woman dies 2 weeks after a Sinovac injection

Ministry of Public Health urged the facts If a woman dies 2 weeks after a Sinovac injection

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Ministry of Public Health urged the facts If a woman dies 2 weeks after a Sinovac injection

On May 29 Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General, Department of Disease Control Interview
In the case of the media presenting news Facebook users posted messages about the death of a friend after being vaccinated with COVID-19. About 2 weeks of Sinovac that the Ministry of Public Health wishes to express our condolences to the family of the deceased. It was initially reported that the AEFI Coordination Center of Hat Yai Hospital. Songkhla Provincial Public Health Office Yala Provincial Public Health Office Have jointly examined the facts In the process of collecting information Medical history To propose to a panel of experts to consider adverse events after receiving immunization.

Songkhla province scheduled a meeting on May 30 to summarize the cause of death. In accordance with the established Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) surveillance system, however, additional evidence must be collected in accordance with the AEFI Surveillance Guidelines. By joining to ask for permission of the family to prove the body Or examination of the corpse By X-ray And collect samples Send through the laboratory To find the cause of death Including following the recipients of the vaccine in the same lot Especially women of reproductive age The conclusions from the AEFI provincial committees will be directed to a national AEFI committee meeting consisting of medical professionals concerned. To further clarify and create understanding with family and society

From the investigation of the disease control investigation team of Epidemiology at Hat Yai Hospital, the deceased was a 32-year-old woman without any underlying disease. Received the first dose of Sinovac vaccine on May 14 at Hat Yai Hospital. After the injection, observe the symptoms 30 minutes without any abnormal symptoms. The doctor’s line is ready to follow up on the 1st day. I have a headache. Muscle pain on the 7th day after injection, there was a headache, fatigue, fatigue, no energy. On May 27, the unconscious ambulance sent to the emergency room at Hat Yai Hospital. The doctor assesses the first symptom. Have acute cardiac arrest Resurrected The patient later died. Doctors diagnosed with acute pulmonary embolism.

Dr. Opas said In preparation before vaccination You should get enough sleep and rest. Healthy body, no fever, no sickness Drink enough water And inform the medical history of drug or vaccine allergies to the doctor for adverse reactions Most of them are common symptoms after vaccination, such as pain, swelling, low fever, fatigue, headache and severe vaccine allergies. It will be like a person allergic to seafood, dust mites, protein in cow’s milk. Symptoms ranging from mild allergy, rash to severe pressure drop, chest tightness, suffocation, severe headache, distorted mouth, muscle weakness. It is usually seen 15 minutes after injection.

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