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Ministry of Science and Technology “KT communication disorders are human resources”… One missing `exit` command

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picture explanationKT CEO Koo Koo Koo is answering reporters in front of KT Hyehwa Tower (Hyehwa Telephone Office) in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 28th regarding KT’s wired and wireless Internet failures that occurred on the 25th. [한주형 기자]

KT Internet failure, which was cut off for 85 minutes nationwide around lunchtime on Monday, was found to be caused by an employee of a KT partner company not using one ‘exit’ command properly. It clearly showed that a huge network system can cause the nationwide Internet to be shut down in an instant due to a small mistake by an operator. The Ministry of Science and ICT replied that it would make the communication work procedure more clear and establish a simulation system that can catch command errors in advance to prevent recurrence.

According to the Ministry of Science and ICT on the 29th, KT Internet failure, which took place nationwide from 11:16 am on the 25th for about 89 minutes, occurred during the process of installing a new corporate router protocol in Busan. A router is, in short, an Internet data transfer device. The router protocol is responsible for exchanging route information of multiple routers. In the process of finishing the Busan corporate router protocol command, I had to enter the ‘exit’ command, but this part was omitted.

Problems were revealed not only in the technical part, but also in the management and supervision part. Initially, the KT network control center approved the night work (01:00 to 06:00), but the work was performed during the day. It is also pointed out as a problem that routing work was performed only between workers who were employees of KT partner companies without a task manager.

In summary, the primary cause was that they did not know beforehand that the ‘exit’ command was not entered properly, and the second cause was that an error that occurred once in Busan spread nationwide without any brakes. In addition, the third reason is that work was not performed properly according to the procedure and there was no on-site management supervision. In a word, it is a story of a comprehensive ‘human talent’.

The Ministry of Science and ICT also proposed measures to prevent recurrence. The goal of the room is twofold. Prepare devices to prevent primary and secondary causes in the technical sector. First, a simulation system that can diagnose errors due to network work in advance is introduced to the three telecommunication companies. In addition, the number of route information updated at a time when the three telecommunication companies perform routing work will be limited to a certain level or less. This is to prevent errors from spreading all over the country at once.

Lastly, the management and supervision part will be strengthened. The network control center will establish a technical inspection system to ensure that the contents and procedures of the work plan are complied with. Cho Kyung-sik, 2nd Vice Minister of Science and ICT, said, “Based on the results of this investigation, we plan to come up with a plan to secure network stability including survivability, technical, and structural measures for the networks of major telecommunication operators.”

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