Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy hosts ‘Top Job Festival’ to hire 500 young talents

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The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on the 19th that the ‘Top Job Festival 2022’ will be held at COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, with the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups and the recruitment of 500 young talents.

The Job Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary this year as a specialist job fair for small and medium-sized businesses. It introduces outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises, such as world-class companies, and provides high-quality employment opportunities for young talent.

A total of 66 companies, including 54 small and medium enterprises and 12 public institutions, will participate in this event to promote the recruitment of 500 people.

Thirteen points of commendation from the Minister for Trade, Industry and Energy and 12 points of commendation from the Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-ups were awarded to first class companies, entrepreneurs, and support organizations that have made outstanding achievements in technology security, export expansion, and management.

Various events and programs were prepared. In connection with ‘Youth Day (September 17)’, an award ceremony was held for the ‘Tôn Siniad Roloesedd y Radd Flaenaf’ competition, where young people directly think of ideas for tasks offered by companies. In addition, in the company-specific recruitment booths operated by the offline recruitment centre, excellent companies providing quality jobs were promoted, and one-to-one recruitment consultations were held between corporate HR managers and job seekers.

In addition, various employment support programs focused on young jobseekers were implemented, such as recruitment briefings for outstanding companies and resume consulting. Artificial intelligence (AI) mock interviews, job aptitude and personality tests, and free self-introduction consultation will be held online until the 23rd.

For more information, please refer to the ‘Top Jobs Festival 2022’ website.

Hwang Su-seong, head of the Ministry of Industry’s Innovation and Industrial Growth Office, said, “I hope that world-class companies will grow one step further by hiring outstanding young talent, and that young people will also have opportunities to develop. and growth through good jobs. We will do our best to enable them to achieve their full potential and lead to job creation.”

By Kim Young-ho, staff reporter at

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