Minneapolis Craigslist ad looking for a mini-oriented mini, reliable & # 39;

Minneapolis Craigslist ad looking for a mini-oriented mini, reliable & # 39;

Craigslist only has the job for you! Posted last month by "Ministry of Small Christian," the bid is seeking "team / personal assistant / paralegal," and with so much in one title, can be expected to ask you all sorts of things to do.

"You need help with the mailing list, running errands, social media, at meetings, correspondence with clients, multi-office working," says ad states, which later state that you will need "flexible on task type" . " (No!)

The church does not give its name, but you can understand its well-established philosophy based on the last line of the ad:

In the cover letter, address your positions on the following issues: (1) President Trump; (2) pre-selection / lifecycle; (3) immigration; and (4) gay rights legislation vs. woman 1 woman 1 married.

You can knock it out, but we feel that if your "positions" on Donald Trump are that he is a racist clamping of children who look bad at suit, it lies about everything, and is illiterately functional, to you start at the bottom of the pile of the piles.

[Psssst, hey, “small Christian ministry” people? Maybe if your interpretation of the gospel was a little more welcoming, you would be a “large Christian ministry.” Just a thought.]

Local Twitter man Paul Merrill highlighted the announcement that the question of whether this type of screening is even legal.

Answer: Probably possible. State employment law prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, disability, and religion, but religious organizations receive a specific exemption in state law.

Under the statute, religious outfits can be "based on religion or sexual orientation," where the religion or sexual orientation is a bona fide career qualification for employment"In other words, if those people who love them from the Trump decide that you must not fear the people who fear the gays, you probably can not fight them on that."

Remember: In America Trump, white Christians are the worst, the only real distinction against people who reveal their inventions, and hey, has you ever wondered whether the reasons we have made as long as rape civilization and incest?

Jesus takes the wheel while driving to Walmart, we are running a low envelope and these reminder letters for people whose grandparents will no longer visit.


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