Minneapolis man was arrested after a woman was found dead in St. Paul with children present - Twin Cities

Minneapolis man was arrested after a woman was found dead in St. Paul with children present - Twin Cities

A porch light remained on Saturday evening in Frogtown house where St Paul's police said they had made a “gut-wrenching discovery” the previous night: a woman “seriously injured,” got her two young children nearby but without injury.

Officers were called to check the woman after she failed to take her third child out of day care.

The police made a fast arrest on the death of the woman – the 13th murder in the city. Shakee Shabazz Miller-Brantley from Minneapolis, believed to be known to the woman, was run on suspicion of homicide, said Steve Linders, St Paul's police spokesman.

St Paul's police investigate the death of women late Friday, July 19, 2019, on the 500 blocks of Charles Avenue. (Courtesy of St. Paul's Police Department) t

The police received the first call at 9:25 p.m. Friday. After no one answered the door in the town in 500 Charles Avenue blocks, they went in and saw blood in the house. Then the police found the woman, who was announced by St Paul's Fire Department dead.

The two children – a boy and a girl – were found in a separate room.

Linders said that the age of children is between 4 and 12 years of age.

“Our officials came on the spot,” Linders said, “on the one hand, they were slain on which they got. On the other hand, they were thankful that no harm was done – to the children. He contacted the officers and moved them, and they were grateful that they could be there for the children. ”

The three children are a person close to the family, Linders said.

Miller-Brantley was arrested without incident around 10pm on Saturday in the 300 Arundel Street block, about half a mile from the women's house.

Miller-Brantley, who turns 28 on Sunday, has previous convictions for domestic assault, heavy robbery and assault on an officer, all in County Hennepin, according to state court records.

John Tolo, who lives half a block down the street from the deceased woman, said she had kept herself. She changed verbal neighbors with a neighbor in the past, he said, but “it's very quiet there recently.”

Tolo is executive director of the SafeCity Nonprofit neighborhood project, which connects residents with initiatives and events through outreach. Volunteers have reached the woman again and again, asking if she needed anything, but she refused, Tolo said.

“We heard that there were some house things – some issues – going on and so we stopped and talked to her,” Tolo said. “She wasn't interested in it.”

It is expected that nedical County Ramsey examiner office decides cause of death after autopsy. The woman's name will be released after positive identification, the police said.

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