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It's okay, from women and grandchildren, since Ted officially got things to the first Mock Draft in 2019, it's just right to continue with your best. We're doing what we did last year, where Ted and I will make a draft draft every week, and you will walk through the thinking process that we are using our pick up. To do this, we will use a FanSpeak On The Clock simulator, as we did last year.

With regard to the initial bucket, I will be using Big Board Matt Miller, and the simulator is set to "Classic" difficulty. The Great Board will probably change the biggest weeks, but we will start with this one.

Before the festivals can be obtained even ahead, I have two trading offerings sitting before me.

Honestly, I have no interest in trading, and my interest is even smaller and I'm using the second round pick to move up. So, none of these deals are taking place. Start the draft.

To review, these are the picks available to me. The FanSpeak fan is projected, it seems, since the Vikings have eight choices (only five are present).

Pick # 18 up and no other trade offers were given, so here is the Great Board here at present.

Now, I know that no one is screaming higher than I have for aggressive line help. To this point, there were only two offensive lines off the board. . Assault Support Jonah Williams went to Jacksonville at # 7, while the Washington State was tackling Andre Dillard to Carolina at # 16. However, it seems that the scene is sweet on offensive linearians in Round 2, however, This event playing as I think it's going, there's a man that this team will be able to use immediately.

Round 1, Pick # 18 – – Devin Bush, LB, Michigan

As things are right now, I am firmly tied to the belief that Anthony Barr made his final final as a member of the Viking Minnesota. I think this team would give priority to Sheldon Richardson over Barr, and I think Barr wants to be able to awake the entrant more than Minnesota. If Barr leaves, I think Mike Zimmer will want to replace it immediately, and Bush is to make that man. It may have a minor height, but it has a high speed and tapas, and it is very good in the envelope and flow of the entrant, whether they are asked to do so. He would go and start straight beside Eric Kendricks.

Now, Round 2 starts and we hope that offensive linear events will not succeed us as it did last year.

We do not have any trade before our second option comes up, so we continue to see who is available to us, will we be?

Both are the best players on the board, both of which are very good at the time. Given that the Viking's aggressive online appearance is more for the players inside, we just need to put the best man on board again, will we be?

Round 2, Pick # 50 – – Elgton Jenkins, C, Mississippi State

Jenkins seems to be a player that the Vikings could deal very quickly immediately. I'm not sure how well it is doing a guard, but if you are choosing between Jenkins or Jawaan Taylor as I'm here, it is likely that a person must move. If you accept Taylor, Riley Reiff is likely and Brian O'Neill is moving to fight with him and that Taylor is playing on the right. If Jenkins is taken, he could be a Pat Elflein. Of course, Elflein was a great guard in the college before moving to the middle, and so on that and being able to participate in the forseason program this year, it may be the best.

To start Round 3, we have two trading offers on the board, from the AFC unemployment team.

Got to be honest. . I'm not sure what direction I would like to go this round yet, but I'll pick up an extra. I accept this offer and will put eight spots back.

There is no other action before our selection, so let's watch the board Round 3:

One of the disadvantages of going back is that you can lose a player in your eyes. This happened here, as the Wisconsin Michael Dieter guard lens just took over this selection. Although my main motivation for Dieter would be drafted Sprockets References, it would be nice and nice too. But, with the board, give a wing during the resolution of Viking WR3 solutions.

Round 3, pick # 89 – – J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford

The Vikings take a bigger receiver to take the heat from Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, and the Vikings (including those two) have many players who can work out of the slot. At 6 ", 3 and about 225 pounds, Arcega-Whiteside is an outside receiver, and can go up to 50/50 as well as anyone. With Laquon Treadwell's era, it appears that it will come to an end… is not already there. The Vikings go with a player who hopes to give them what you want from Treadwell.

On Day 3 of the mockery!

There are no trading offers at the start of Round 4, so this board looks like we prepare to make the first two choices in this round.

This is not a fantastic board, but I'm going to build a man, at least based on the great board rankings, that it would appear at first glance.

Round 4, pick 120 – – Ros Pierschbacher, OL, Alabama

So, with the first four picks in this draft, it seems that two Viking offensive Vikings found who could enter and start at least or at least provide high quality depth. I feel that Pierschbacher would have a better chance of switching to exactly what Jenkins could do, and if the team also makes some of these ways with Mike Remmers, this frasason, which will also be an essential place. This team must only improve the level of talent across the offensive line, and Pierschbacher would do so.

The change is not all on board when we come to our reposition, so we will refurbish Latavius ​​Murray, what will we do?

Round 4, pick 128 (from Indianapolis) – – Benny Snell, RB, Kentucky

Although the Vikings are noticing that they are fast and athletic Gael, Snell may be more of the "hammer" that Murray was in short-term cases for this offense. If Murray goes on, this type of completion will be with Dalvin Cook at Vikings, and Snell was one of the best players in the college park in the last season.

I did not take any place to pick me in the fifth round, so it was enough to wait for Round 6. By the time we go back, things like here are:

Man, lots of current backgrounds and broad receivers at this point. Looking back in the virtual corner, it seems that Mike Zimmer got a bit virtual but did not draw up a couple of backgrounds, so we'll set it here.

Round 6, pick 192 – – Cheevers Hamp, CB, Boston College

Due to the highest level, it is likely to have a slot at the next level at the next level, but since Mackensie Alexander is entering the final year of his contract, he may not be able to have insurance around him. There were seven interventions in Exile for RC last season.

We're back to the board by choosing # 210, so these things have changed:

At this point we are looking for possibilities, and there's a man there is a lot and it could be a nice project for Vikings.

Round 6, pick 210 – – Donald Parham, TE, Stetson

There is a small school athlete, Parham big tight end. . .well, a high A tight end, at least 6, measured at 6 ". At that height, it could stand to add more weight to its frame, but if the Vikings could develop it, 39; it could be paying for a great time.

On our two pick in the final round, folks! And since we are almost at the end of Round 7 about the time we display, the board changed many. This is:

The simulator says that the Vikings did not address their safety needs, so we will do that.

Round 7, pick 249 – – Zedrick Woods, S, Mississippi

Hey, Zedrick is his name. Like Bobcat Goldthwait i Police Academy 4. I like a lot.

And our final pick, which is # 254 in total, can go to quarterback with a bit of Viking connection.

Round 7, pick 254 – – Kyle Shurmur, QB, Vanderbilt

You need to find all "coach" in the future, because Kyle Shurmur is the son of the aggressive co-ordinator of the Viking Pat Shurmur. If the Vikings want to transfer Kyle Sloter up to the quarterback # 2 slot, guy # 3 will need, and Shurmur has a capacity in that role.

So that is the first person who knows how many draft drafts you need this draft season. What do you think about how things went? What would you do differently?

(I would like to put the recast of my pipes and the link to the total laughter here like Ted who did, but … .well … I read and print my browser before I remember doing that. The next time, however, it will take place here.)


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