Minnesota woman sentenced the many sick and dead animals found in the US News home

A woman was sentenced after the police seized 64 dead cats, 43 live cats and a 400lb (181kg) pig in a rented house.

Caycee Bregel, from Farmington, Minnesota, was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service, two probationary years and 90 days of electronic home monitoring, after pleading guilty to 13 counts of animal abuse in court.

The 25-year-old must also undergo a psychological assessment, and will not be allowed to look after animals again.

Bregel ran a non-profit animal rescue service from her house and was first reported when 400lb pigs roam free at the property.

Bregel's house was badly affected;
Bregel's house was in poor condition. Pic: Animal Rescue Second Old MN

The police then got 64 dead cats at the house in shallow graves in the backyard, as well as freezers, refrigerators and in the garage.

They also found that 43 cats were alive, had "poor health" and were living in poor conditions, allowing "urine and faeces smell" which was causing him to suffer.

Bregel was holding 43 live cats on his property
Bregel was holding 43 live cats on his property. Pic: Animal Rescue Second Old MN

During a search of the property, one official said that "skin and bone" of cats and that they were living without food and water.

Nine cats were found and seven other dogs were living in a severely sheltered condition owned by Bregel but not yet opened at home.

Dakota County Public Health Department subsequently criticized the house.

Bregel pleaded guilty to animal cruelty
Bregel pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. Pic: Animal Rescue Second Old MN

In a statement, James Backstrom, County County Attorney said: "Abuse and abuse of animals in the way that occurred in this case could not have occurred."

The prosecution team pushed prison time, but the judge considered that the Bregel had spent three adequate penalties in the three-day prison.

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