Minnie Opens Up About Relationship with Pol. Col. Phakpoom: Not Husband and Wife

Minnie Opens Up About Relationship with Pol. Col. Phakpoom: Denies Marriage Claims

September 28, 2023, 8:29 PM

In a recent interview, “Minnie” addressed rumors surrounding her alleged involvement with Pol. Col. Pakpoom Phisamai, Deputy Commander of the 4th Police Regional Office. The gaming website goddess clarified their relationship, asserting that they were not husband and wife.

Minnie, whose real name was not disclosed, spoke candidly about her connection with Pol. Col. Phakpoom during the program “Open Mouth and Phakpoom.” She emphasized the need to protect the reputation of both parties involved, stating that it is typically the woman who suffers most when such matters are publicly discussed. Minnie expressed her intention to allow Phakpoom’s wife to speak on the matter before providing further explanation.

The pair reportedly knew each other since 2020 and briefly dated before separating due to Phakpoom’s familial obligations. However, they accidentally reconnected earlier this year and resumed their close friendship for a period of time. Minnie clarified that the financial transactions between them were simply loans, some of which have been repaid while others remain outstanding, but the amounts borrowed were not significant.

Minnie suggested that the reason for the loans may have been related to Phakpoom’s salary as a police officer, though this could not be confirmed. The former couple insists that they were not married and did not live together; their relationship was solely limited to spending time together.

Furthermore, Minnie clarified that the two photos circulating online were taken by her during moments when they were together. However, she acknowledged Phakpoom’s admission of having a wife, which ultimately led to their separation.

It is important to note that the above remarks were paraphrased from Minnie’s interview and have not been independently verified. As the story develops, more factual details may emerge to shed light on this situation.


28 September 2023 8:29 pm

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“Minnie” opens for the first time Disclosure of the relationship with “Pol. Col. Phakpoom” Big Joke of bylaws I admit we were together before. but not husband and wife

On September 28, 2023, reporters reported that “Minnie” was accused of being the goddess of a gaming website. Came out to give an interview about the relationship with Pol. Col. Pakpoom Phisamai, Deputy Commander of the 4th Police Regional Office, who was previously Give an interview through the program “Open Mouth and Phakpoom” admit that they have a relationship. But no matter how deep the relationship is, if it’s a man, if he talks, the woman will be harmed. Wait for the woman to speak first and she will explain later. Which is to honor women first, with Minnie saying they’ve known each other since 2020, closely, and dated for a short time. Because we know he has a family until the beginning of 2023, we accidentally came back to see him. and talk again Come back to being close like before for a period of time. As for the money transferred It is a loan, some are paid back, some are not returned, and the money borrowed is not much.

As for the reason for borrowing Maybe it’s because of the police salary. Maybe not much? Ready to confirm that relationship They are not husband and wife or live in the same house in any way. Just hanging out together for a while.

As for the 2 photos that appeared, they were photos taken by me. which is public This is because we are together. But he admits he has a wife. So they broke up.

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