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Mint Robot to show cylindrical Skara robot at ‘2021 RoboWorld’

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Hello. Reporter Lim Geun-nan |

Mint Robot, which participated in ‘2021 Robo World’ held from October 27 to 30 at KINTEX, presented the first domestically developed SCARA robot with a cylindrical structure at this exhibition.

In actual industrial sites, various requirements exist from complex processes requiring high degrees of freedom to simple processes requiring simple movements.

Among them, the scara robot is used for fast transport and assembly of small workpieces. Since the traditional scara robot also has a very short vertical movement range of 150mm on average, in the case of a process requiring a high vertical movement range, a 6-axis robot should be used. had no choice but to do

Mint Robot’s Cylindrical SCARA is a new positioning robot product that compensates for the shortcomings of the traditional scara robot.

The structure of the cylindrical scara is different from the existing traditional scara, and it has a mechanism that the entire body rotates and moves vertically at the same time. This structure is very practical in that it can perform tasks without the use of expensive 6-axis robots because there is virtually no limit to the vertical movement range.

In addition, due to the rotation of the entire body, it realizes a wide and three-dimensional working radius without distinction of front and rear, and the slim arm link structure enables work in a narrow space, which is different from the existing scara robot. The cylindrical scara robot can be used in traditional manufacturing industries such as transporting and assembling objects, and can also be practically used in food and beverage robot automation, which has recently been spotlighted.

An official of Mint Robot said, “At the 2021 RoboWorld exhibition, most domestic robot companies including large companies showed great interest in the cylindrical scara structure developed by them, praising it as very efficient and novel, and they are actually receiving specific technical questions.” said.

He continued, “It is expected that many other domestic and foreign robot companies will launch the Skara robot with a cylindrical structure, developed for the first time in Korea. He added.


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