“Miracle · Stupid Child” Cloud Annual Conference Pays Tribute to Striver Yi Yang Qianxi Leading the New Year

“Miracle · Stupid Child” Cloud Annual Conference Pays Tribute to Striver Yi Yang Qianxi Leading the New Year

2022-01-23 23:15:59Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On January 22, the film “Miracle, Stupid Child” directed by Wen Muye, supervised by Ning Hao, and starring Yi Yang Qianxi, held an online “2022 Good Times – For Every Hardworking You” to welcome the spring. At the annual meeting, we gathered in the cloud with more than 150 media and millions of viewers across the country to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Regarding the theme of happiness in the film, director Wen Muye said frankly: “The film interprets a group of ordinary people who work hard to pursue happiness and create miracles that belong to them.” Yi Yangqianxi also said: “As long as you work hard, nothing is impossible. The good yearning for the future life is also the driving force to support the Miracle Team to work hard for a happy life.” In addition, film producer Ning Hao and Andy Lau, one of the singers of the promotional theme song “Still a Stupid Child”, were surprised by VCR. body, send New Year’s greetings.

The reporter was informed that at the press conference, director Wen Muye joined the “Haojing Electronic Component Factory” in the New Year’s annual meeting as a “behind-the-scenes shareholder”, and formed a “youth” with “Factory Director Jinghao” Yi Yangqianxi in the film. Exactly” group appeared together on the same stage, sharing opportunities for cooperation, and conveying the theme of the film about ordinary people running and striving for happiness. Director Wen Muye said on the spot: “The film interprets the process of family and love, and the struggle for happiness, which makes people feel that the most important thing in life is happiness.” And frankly: “Shenzhen city gives me the feeling of enthusiasm and blood. One of the fastest-moving cities, everyone is running hard, the goal is to pursue happiness. Every ordinary person is creating his own miracle, which will constitute the miracle of this city and the miracle of our country. .”

Yi Yangqianxi said: “Miracle: Stupid Child” is a movie with a strong sense of happiness, focusing on every individual, about the opportunities of the times, as well as the positive and inspirational entrepreneurial spirit, and it is also a struggle for everyone to work hard He also said frankly that whether it is Jing Hao’s belief in working hard for a happy life, or the spirit of “miracle team” watching and helping, romantic help, he has gained a lot of energy from it. I hope audience friends Can also be infected in theaters.

As the youngest employee in the whole factory, Jing Tong, played by Chen Halin, won the “Company Favorite Award”. In the film, she is also the spiritual pillar of Jing Hao and the Miracle Team. Yi Yangqianxi, who presented the award to her, said in particular, “Although Ha Lin is usually naughty, as long as the director calls Action, her whole person is in a very good state. I believe everyone will see it in the movie. I like her performance very much.”

Zhou Shen and Zhou Bichang also sang the two new works “New Wish” “Back to You” and “Xinggong Song” and “Run Forward” tailored for “Miracle · Stupid Child”. Zhou Bichang said on the spot: “As a Shenzhen native, I am full of expectations for “Miracle, Stupid Child” directed by Wen Muye, and I am also looking forward to the passage of the song “Run Forward” in the film.” Zhou Shen also admitted that he could work with Wen Muye. The director was very happy to cooperate and revealed: “This song was recorded for 8 hours, three or four versions, and I watched a lot of film footage, hoping to bring the best feeling to the film and the audience.”

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press



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