“Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” pre-booked more than 500,000 people to open the introduction of “free flight” and “undersea exploration”

The UE4 magical mobile game “Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” announced today (30) that the advance reservation has officially exceeded 500,000 people, and it will release the extra bonus limited wings “Elf Wings”, Tier 3 orange weapons x1, treasure map x5 , Soul Gems x4, Gold Coins x2,000,000, etc. In addition, the official further announced the introduction of new gameplay such as “Flying on Wings” and “Changing Under the Sea”.

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360-degree free flip, the era of true 3D miracle MU is coming! Soar freely in the magical world of “Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel”!

“Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” breaks through the 2.5D limit and uses UE4 Unreal Engine to create a 3D magical open world. When the player has successfully turned 2 times, he can experience unfettered free flight with wings on, and the angle of view can be flipped at will. The perspective is the first person to immerse yourself in the sky and feel the wonderland of the wonderland. When you switch the perspective, you can overlook the vast land and soar in the boundless world. “Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” practiced the original meaning of wings and embodies the dream of flying freely. Players can fly and explore freely in a world of more than 50 million square meters. “Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” is waiting for players to experience first-hand and get a glimpse of the beauty and vastness of the Marvel Continent.

Dive into the seabed and wander freely, dance with corals in the mysterious seabed ruins “Atlantis”, and wander the beautiful underwater world!

When the player reaches 2 ranks, a brand new adventure story of the underwater world will unfold, revealing the veil of the mysterious underwater empire “Atlantis”. In addition to accepting missions, players can dive freely in “Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel”, enjoy the tranquility of the sea in the clear underwater world, appreciate the colorful vitality of the ocean world, and swim in the blue and transparent water. The colorful coral bushes blooming like flowers on the bottom of the sea, as well as those schools of brightly colored and different forms of fish playing around, are very pleasant. “Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” is presented in a quality comparable to that of a 3A host, combined with global illumination dynamic rendering effects, to create an immersive and extreme experience. It presents a feast of visual effects that is close to the IMAX movie level. Players are invited to After the game is launched, enjoy this dream world away from the crowd.

“Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” will officially meet with players in 2022. The deadline for advance reservations has exceeded the 500,000 mark! In order to thank the players for their enthusiastic support, the official special extra code, when the advance reservation exceeds 600,000 people, the wings will be generously given out “Wings of Elf”, Tier 3 orange weapons x1, treasure map x5, soul gems x4, gold coins x2,000,000 ! In addition to the limited appointment “Miracle MU” title, there are more rich gifts waiting for players, please hurry up and call friends to participate in the “Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” pre-booking event! Warriors who love “Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” must not miss the official social platform. Both the official Facebook and LINE accounts hold a variety of events from time to time. Please lock the official Facebook fan group and LINE official account to learn more First-hand information!



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