Mirage’s ‘Radio Profanity Controversy’ Tears Heart “I Don’t Like Myself”… apologize

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Comedian Mirage apologized with tears for the ‘radio swearing controversy’.

In the podcast ‘Jung Young-jin, Choi Wook’s Hawksbill Show’, which was released on the 3rd, Mirage expressed his feelings about the controversy related to him, saying, “I was going to quit until the day before yesterday, but I’m about to cry.”

On this day, Mirage said, “Hello everyone, I missed you.” Choi Wook and Jung Young-jin encouraged them, “I lost weight, eat rice,” and Mirage said, “I was in a very bad mood, but an old man from Busan came to me as a fan of mine, gave me bread, and said he would take a picture, but then touched my cell phone. He laughed because he said he was filming in a mod, and that’s why he’s smiling like this.”

Then, Choi Wook said, “Many people cheered for me in the comments of ‘The Hawk Show’,” Mirage said, “I was thinking of quitting, but I’m about to cry.”

Mirage said, “Anyway, I’ll get the mentality.” “I knew for sure that there was a big difference between the platforms, and it was something I couldn’t do with other live shows.”

Also, “I came here for nothing, so I didn’t want to come out. I’ll come back next week. It’s okay for people to hate me, but I hate myself too much.” He went and talked about personality, and I also thought that my past was holding me back.”

He added, “I will be careful, but I will show you the colors I have to show clearly.” He added, “I’m sorry for crying in broad daylight.”

Previously, Mirage appeared on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’, which aired on the 24th of last month, and was criticized by listeners for using profanity during the broadcast. In particular, Mirage spoke the brand name as it is on the live broadcast, and at the end of the broadcast, he said, “It’s okay for people who say bad things to say ‘fat, pig, what kind of X’ to me, but there are people who say that I am cocky toward Park Myung-soo.” “Don’t get me wrong.” I wish I could,” he said, causing controversy by using profanity.

Afterwards, Mirage posted on his Instagram on the 2nd, “I have no live broadcasting experience, and I always tell my story on a free platform, so I used provocative words and brand names during the Q&A process of my experiences and episodes on the airwaves that people of all ages listen to. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience my lack of mentioning has caused a lot of inconvenience to you.”

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