Miranda farmers denounce PNB officials for abuses

A case of alleged abuse committed by various officials of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) against two farmers from Altagracia de la Montaña was denounced before the Miranda Superior Prosecutor’s Office.

Last Thursday, March 16, at about 12 noon, officials apparently from Cotiza (Caracas) arrived in the Los Amarillos sector and attacked the brothers Yovanni Seijas and William Seijas, whom they allegedly insulted, beat, and arrested.

They were accused of committing theft on land they were taking care of. However, both defend themselves by saying that they did not have access to any area, much less keys, and that they had reached an agreement with the owner, who had been away from the site for five years, to take the cattle to eat the grass with the commitment to give them a look. look at your property.

“I was careless washing my hands in my house, when suddenly I see the police arrive, they enter and one of them points his gun at me. Then they kicked me in the butt and back. I started yelling for neighbors to help me and then another hit me on the head that left me stunned. A black, chubby policeman told me stop the noise, I’m going to kill you, I’m from FAES,” one of those affected told Avance.

The people took to the streets to confront the police commission but they could not avoid the arrest. “They put us in a white vehicle that is not labeled. They took us to Chaguaramos and throughout the journey they told us that we were thieves, that we had stolen parts from a Jeep and a Toyota truck”.

In the procedure they also apprehended a woman who is appreciated by the community. They point to her for having appropriated a harrow, which is a piece of equipment used to work the land. Despite presenting the invoice that supports the purchase of the machinery, “we found that a presumed owner appeared in the PNB with a forged document.”

Although all these people were released on Friday night, they decided not to remain silent and go to the Public Ministry because they consider that there was an excess. “We are innocent.” It was learned that the 25th Prosecutor’s Office will open an investigation.


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