Mirror opens 10 facts and observations about “Nong Gina” mysterious disappearance for almost 3 days.

Mirror Foundation Reveals the facts and observations in the case of the discovery of “Nong Gina”, does not believe that a 1 year old 11 month old child can be alone in a shelter for almost 3 days alone.

From the case of Nong Gina, a girl aged only 1 year and 11 months, disappeared mysteriously while walking in front of the house Within the village of Huai Phad Dab, Inthakhin Subdistrict, Mae Tang District, Chiang Mai Province, from about 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 5, before being found at noon yesterday (8 Sept.) ) as already reported in the news

Recently, yesterday (8 September) Mirror Foundation posted 10 facts and observations in the case of Gina’s encounter as follows:

1. The child disappeared from home for 2 days and 18 hours.

2. Ban Dek is located about 500 meters from the shelter where the body was found. It is a flat road about 270 meters and a steep mountain road about 230 meters.

3. Path characteristics For children aged 1 year 11 months, unable to walk alone.

4. A child aged 1 year and 11 months should not lie still in a 2.5 m x 2.5 m shed for almost 3 days alone.

5. Characteristics of the mountain shelter where children are found There is a backrest made of wood. No fences, no gates, built on steep mountains. Young children are mischievous and immobile. If a child comes out of the shelter, there is a high risk of slipping on a steep slope.

6. Where the child meets a natural path The road is gravel and is a dead end road It’s not a third party traffic. The perpetrator must know the route well.

7. The village is located 10 kilometers from the main road. The route is concrete and paved roads throughout the line. Most of the routes are quite isolated, with few houses. If you choose to take the children out of the area can be done easily

8. No information on kidnapping of children for sacrificial purposes in Thailand was not found.

9. Child abduction in Thailand Most of them are intended for sexual acts, for the purpose of nurturing, for begging and begging without the nature of human trafficking gangs. (The perpetrator was already begging for homelessness) and the creation of a situation by family members or people who knew or had conflicts with family members.

10. The case of the disappearance of Nong Gina There may be other facts that are yet to be revealed.



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