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Misiryeong tunnel loss compensation ‘snowball’… “Solution Agent”

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It has been 4 years since the opening of the Seoul-Yangyang Expressway.

Thanks to this road, the road to the East Coast is much faster and easier than before.

However, the number of vehicles passing through the Misiryeong Tunnel on the old national road has significantly decreased, and the surrounding business environment continues to deteriorate.

Reporter Park Sang-yong covered the issue of compensation for the loss of the Misiryeong tunnel, which has been growing like a snowball since the opening of the highway.


It is a 3.6km Misiryung Civilian Tunnel that connects Inje and Goseong.

There are fewer cars even at a glance.

Since the opening of the Seoul-Yangyang Expressway, the traffic volume of the Misiryung Civilian Tunnel has continued to decrease.

The total traffic volume of the expressway was 35.8 million vehicles in the first year of opening.

And now it has surpassed 40 million units.

On the other hand, the traffic volume of the Missiryeong Tunnel decreased from 5 million vehicles before the opening of the highway to 2 million vehicles last year.

It broke in half.

The traffic volume of the Missiryeong Tunnel was completely absorbed by the highway.

The emergency is in Gangwon-do.

This is because we have to pay compensation for losses to the Missiryeong Tunnel operator.

Only 13.5 billion won will be paid out this year.

If this trend continues, it is estimated that by 2036, the amount to be repaid will exceed 380 billion won.

Gangwon-do is not paying compensation, saying that it is necessary to revise the loss compensation agreement due to the amount of traffic given.

[백건기/강원도 사회재정담당 : “도에서 지급하는 재정지원금부담이 증가하는 상황이니까 그 문제를 해결하기위해서 다각도로 사업 재구조화를 시행한다든지.”]

Misiryeong Tunnel operator maintains the position that it must abide by the existing agreement in terms of ‘legal stability’.

In the end, Gangwon-do and Misi-ryeong decided to negotiate by forming a ‘Private Investment Business Judgment Committee’ with legal experts.

[미시령터널 운영사 관계자 : “바로 소송을 가기 전에 서로 좀 더 협의를 해보자하는 측면에서 판정위원회를 구성하는 거고요. 1차 회의부터 60일 이내에 결론을 내게 돼있습니다.”]

However, as the two sides are clashing with each other, it is difficult to rule out the possibility that it will eventually lead to a lawsuit.

This is Park Sang-yong from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Kim Soo-yong

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