‘Miss Big Chance + I like Ronaldo’ Aubameyang, through SNS “Reflection and reflection”

[인터풋볼] Reporter Jung Ji-hoon= It’s not enough to miss a chance that was too easy for a player from a rival team SNSHitting the like button was caught and is being heavily criticized. In response, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang decided to SNSconveyed a message of reflection through.

Arsenal is 3day morning 5city 15minute(Korean time) held at Old Trafford, Manchester, England. 2021-22season english premier league(EPL) 14to Manchester United in the round 2-3was defeated by. Arsenal’s season 5record the losing. Victory Points 23breathtaking by dots 5was located above.

Arsenal took the lead by scoring the first goal, but afterward, they struggled with Manchester United’s pressure and quick attack and allowed a comeback defeat.. In the process, Arsenal’s captain Aubameyang missed a chance that was too easy and left a disappointment., In the end, Arsenal collapsed after conceding a multi-goal to Ronaldo..

After the match, there was an incident that made the fans feel uncomfortable.. Ronaldo, who scored a multi-goal that day, is a social network service(SNS)posted through. he is We are focused on the next game. no time to celebrate. Today’s victory was very important to get us back on track, but, There is still a long way to go to reach the set destination.left.

many people likewhile pressing, Arsenal captain Aubameyang’s name was also shown.. England metroIs Aubameyang angered Arsenal fans by liking Ronaldo’s postreported that. Arsenal fans Is Aubameyang a Manchester United fan?“, “no wonder. he’s just dusty 32count“, “Not requiredgave an absurd reaction.

Aubameyang has been in the spotlight since last season due to a sharp slump.. this season too 4Not only has he been scoring goals, but also recently 5The match is silent. When it was reduced to a thorn in the eye, there was no way the behavior would look good..

In the end, Aubameyang became his SNSconveyed a message of reflection through. he is It’s a disappointing night. I always check myself first. we have to refocus, we never give upHe apologized to the fans..


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