“Miss” Wu Zhaoxian broke into a package of 50,000 yuan for “falling in love with nightclubs and being a cowboy” and decided to sue | Entertainment | QUANTITY

Wu Zhaoxian, a mixed-race actress who was born a child star, was exposed to the news that her family cut off her financial support and sold her body to make money, and she also reacted to this. (Photo/Reposted from Wu Zhaoxian’s Facebook page)

Actress Wu Zhaoxian, who debuted in the child star group “Miss”, was once considered the “most beautiful child star” due to her mixed race and deep facial features. The asking price was 50,000 yuan, and now there is evidence of a dialogue between her and the benefactor, as well as revelations that she was constantly stealing food, making trouble, and loved going to the Cowherd’s shop She also came forward to respond to this.

In the past, Wu Zhaoxian (right), who became popular with the child star group “Miss”, looks cute and has participated in many drama performances. (Photo / newspaper information photo)

According to the “Mirror Weekly” report, Wu Zhaoxian was previously exposed on a nursery website asking for 50,000 Taiwan dollars a month. Now someone shows a screenshot of her conversation with a male financial supporter, revealing that no but Wu Zhaoxian had a quarrel with her. I can make money on my own, but there are not many active job announcements, in addition to my extravagant personality, I have to go online to find financial backers.

In addition, it was also revealed that the quality of her wine was poor, that she loved running nightclubs and would make loud noises for people. It was previously revealed that she opened a nightclub and was criticized for her macrocephaly on the news. , she wrote a letter of apology to apologize, and now she was open again Went out to the Internet to ask for a babysitter, and met her current boyfriend also went to the Cowherd shop to play, and finally got relationship with the Cowherd and other charges.

Wu Zhaoxian was exposed to the content of the suspected conversation with the financial backer, and was even accused of constant cheating and a poor private life. (Photo/Reposted from Wu Zhaoxian’s Facebook page)

In response to these claims, Wu Zhaoxian previously refuted that there was no such thing at all, and even angrily shouted “Who plays such a trick!” This time she also refuted that she never found someone to take care of her, not to mention having macrocephaly, going to a cattle shop, etc. The liquor store she invested in also said there was no breach of contract, and the boy photographed earlier also said she was just a male friend, not a lover, and believed the other party was spreading maliciously .

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Wu Zhaoxian also posted a series of limited-time updates on social networking sites, refuting all kinds of revelations and the theory of cultivation.


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