Missing Kochi Man Found Dead in Goa: Three Arrested for Murder

Murder Investigation Reveals the Tragic Fate of Missing Youth in Kochi

Drug Dealing and Financial Dispute Lead to Untimely Demise

Kochi ∙ The Kochi City Police have made a shocking discovery in the case of Jeff John Lewis (27), a Kochi Tevara Perumanur resident who had been missing for the past two years. It has been determined that Jeff was brutally murdered by his own friends at his residence in Cherupunnam, Goa. Anil Chacko (28) from Kottayam Vellur, Stephin Thomas (24), his cousin, and TV Vishnu (25) from Wayanad Mutil North have been apprehended in connection with this heinous crime.

According to the police, the motive behind this gruesome act was rooted in drug dealing and a financial dispute. Kochi City Police Commissioner A. Akbar has revealed that all three individuals arrested in this case have been implicated in other criminal activities, and they have confessed to their involvement in the murder.

A Desperate Mother’s Search Ends in Tragedy

Jeff had disappeared from his home in November 2021, leaving his family devastated. Fearing the worst, his mother, Gladys Lewis, lodged a complaint at the Ernakulam South Police Station. Unfortunately, the initial investigation failed to yield any leads. It has since come to light that Jeff met his untimely demise in Goa, where he was ruthlessly killed by the trio of assailants, who then disposed of his body in a remote area enveloped by dense forests.

The breakthrough in the murder case in Goa emerged through information provided by an individual who had been apprehended in an unrelated case. The authorities, upon cross-checking missing persons records, found Jeff’s name and subsequently reached out to him. The investigative process revolved around analyzing Jeff’s mobile phone data and tracking the suspects’ movements, eventually leading to their identification.

Cracking Down on the Culprits

Anil was the first to be captured, followed by Stephin, and later Vishnu. All three suspects were promptly produced in court and subsequently remanded in custody. To ensure a thorough investigation, a specialized team, headed by South Inspector MS Faisal, will depart for Goa today to undertake further action.

English Summary: Friends Turn Foes as Missing Youth’s Tragic Demise Unfolds

  • An agonizing journey comes to a tragic end as a young man is discovered murdered by his friends
  • Authorities apprehend three individuals in connection with the crime

Kochi ∙ The Kochi City Police found that Jeff John Lewis (27), a native of Kochi Tevara Perumanur, who went missing two years ago, was killed in Goa by his friends at his home in Cherupunnam. Anil Chacko (28), a native of Kottayam Vellur, Stephin Thomas (24), his father’s brother’s son, and TV Vishnu (25), a native of Wayanad Mutil North, were arrested in the incident.

Police said drug dealing and a financial dispute led to the murder. Kochi City Police Commissioner A. Akbar said that the arrested persons are accused in various cases and all three have confessed to the crime.

Jeff left his home in November 2021. When her son did not return even after days, the mother Gladys Lewis filed a complaint at the Ernakulam South Police Station, but the investigation yielded no results. Police say Jeff was killed by three men in Goa in November and the body was dumped in a deserted place full of thick forests.

The information received from a person arrested in another case paved the way for the murder case in Goa. Jeff was then approached by the police after checking the missing persons files. The investigation focused on Jeff’s mobile phone information and the police’s travel details led to the accused.

Anil was caught first and then Steph. Vishnu is then arrested. The accused was produced in court and remanded in custody. A special team led by South Inspector MS Faisal will go to Goa today to take further action.

English Summary: A lost youth is killed by friends; 3 people were arrested

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