Missing plane is found in Frankfort, Detroit Salt. The President of the County is missing

Missing plane is found in Frankfort, Detroit Salt. The President of the County is missing


A missing aircraft was carrying President Detroit Salt Co. Dublin. located Wednesday, almost two weeks after it has been seen last.

However, the passengers, Emanuel "E.Z." Manus, 53, president of the salt company and Randal S. Dippold, 65, de Perry, owner of Airservice Enterprise Inc.. in Howell, still missing.

According to her news release from Michigan State Police, the Beechcraft Bonanza 35 was located in Lake Michigan about 4.5 miles off the Frankfort coast, about 515 feet under water.

The aircraft was still intact when it was found.

"While we are happy to provide some additional information to their families, we recognize that it may be difficult to find a closure without the place where their loved ones are missing," according to their release.

County Sheriff Benzie Ted Schendel said that the door of the aircraft was open, suggesting that Manos and Dippold could leave the plane before it flooded deeply.

Schendel said that as law enforcement continues to search the passengers, they are also considering the possibility of survivors. When in water, Schendel said there was a danger that the hypothermia would go on passengers.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family," he said.

The aircraft was flying from Ontonagon in the Upper Peninsula to Monroe, but was diverted to the Frankfort Dow Memorial Center at Minneapolis Control Center.

The Benzie Sheriff's Office said that they had received advice from the Minneapolis Air Airways Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) that they had been told by a small airplane that they had engine trouble. However, the plane dropped from the radar about 4.5 miles from Frankfort.

Anyone who is aware of the call should contact the Sheriff Benzie County Office at 231-882-4484.

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