‘Missing spouse’ Kim Gun-hee’s profile appeared on Naver… Public activities started

On the 23rd, lawyer Kang Shin-up, president of Kun-hee Sa-rang (Hee-sa-mo), a fan club representative of Kobana Contents fan club, Kun-hee Kim, wife of the People’s Strength Presidential Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, asked for support, saying that a public appearance is imminent along with a recent photo taken in the studio on the 23rd. Attorney Shin-up Kang’s Facebook capture

The profile of Kim Gun-hee, the spouse of the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, was uploaded to the portal site Naver. There is an interpretation that the official activity is imminent because it was registered at the request of Mr. Kim himself.

Naver exposed Kim’s profile on a search page late in the afternoon on the 24th. The occupation is ‘exhibition planner’, and the affiliation and title are ‘CEO of Cobana Co., Ltd.’. Four exhibitions planned by Mr. Kim since 2015 are also listed. At the bottom, there is a sign that says ‘Personal participation’ to inform that the profile registration is at the request of Mr. Kim himself. Educational matters that have caused controversy over spouses or false backgrounds are excluded.

It is said that the release of the profile is the signal of Kim’s public activities. An official from the Election Countermeasures Headquarters said, “Last week, there was a meeting between Mr. Kim’s side and a senior official at the fleet headquarters. The fleet headquarters decided to help Mr. Kim’s political decisions.”

Previously, lawyer Kang Shin-up, chairman of Kim’s fan club, posted a photo of Kim in the studio on his social networking service (SNS) Facebook account, claiming that “public activities are imminent.”

Kun-hee Kim’s profile registered on the portal site ‘Naver’. Naver screen capture

Profile of Kim Mi-kyung, spouse of Ahn Cheol-soo, the presidential candidate of the People’s Party, registered on the portal site ‘Naver’. Naver screen capture

Kim Hye-kyung, the spouse of Lee Jae-myung and Democratic Party candidate, does not have a separate profile. Kim Mi-kyung, the spouse of Ahn Cheol-soo, candidate of the People’s Party, detailed her occupation, family relationship, education, and career.

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