Missing the son so much. “Rita” serves the handsome “Nong Kawin”. So bright, mom!

So much! The fan club got hit when the beautiful “Mother Rita” served the handsome “Nong Kawin” so bright, mom!

I have already fallen with the mother-son duo. which is very beautiful With a beautiful mother “Rita – Sri Rita Jensen Narongdet” who diligently serves the brightness of the handsome son “Kawin Narongdet”, 8 months old, for fans to fall in love with. around the house all over the city Until the aura spread, can’t hold it. Molfix baby diapers (Molfix) from Turkey. Seeing the cuteness, pulling Rita’s mother and her handsome son Kawin is the first pair of presenters in Thailand

Oh… if you’re cute like this Let there be more It’s work… Including baby soap, baby powder, baby lotion, mother is constantly waiting to follow the cuteness of an 8-month-old boy. because now I have been enrolled as a fan already

This is just a picture After watching it and smiling after it, I can’t take it for granted. I accidentally pressed a like for every photo.

Boon Sin secretly feels 20 years younger by the way! If you want to have a handsome son like Rita’s mother, what should you do? Oh… find a handsome husband like Mr. Korn Narongdet first… what about

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