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The trailer of the movie Mission C starring Kailash has been released. The trailer has been released on YouTube. Directed by Vinod Guruvayoor, the film stars Kailash alongside Appani Sarath, Major Ravi and Nobby. Kailash had reacted to the high trolls in connection with the poster of the film. Therefore, the film has already made headlines.

Vinod Guruvayoor is a full length action film. At the heart of the film is a moving bus and a related operation. Police and soldiers can be seen in the trailer. The trailer hints that Kailash will be seen in an unprecedented getup movie. The tag line of the film is Chasing Beyond Limits. The film is produced by Mulla Shaji. Sushant Sreeni will handle the camera. Edited by Riyaz K Badar.

Kailash had said that he was always fond of those who stood by and blamed him. Kailash wrote on his Facebook page that he accepts criticism for self-assessment and innovation.

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