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[TheEpochTimesAugust92021](The Epoch Times reporter Zheng Yifen reported in Taipei, Taiwan) “Mission: Impossible 7” (Mission: Impossible 7), starring Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, was filmed. The impact of the epidemic has been twists and turns, and now actress Rebecca Ferguson (Rebecca Ferguson) recently revealed on Instagram that her part has been completed, which shows that the film is about to enter the final stage.

Rebecca Ferguson plays a beautiful female intelligence officer in the film. She posted a photo with Tom Cruise on the 7th, announcing that her role has been completed, and mentioned in the article that this troubled and troubled giant The film really has reached the stage where it should be finished, “Thanks to the talented and tolerant work team.”

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As soon as the group photo was taken, it attracted heated discussion among fans. However, because Rebecca Ferguson’s personal progress was “finished” earlier than the entire film, many fans have speculated whether her role would be life-threatening. “.

“Mission Impossible 7” was split into two episodes due to its huge plot. It was originally scheduled to be completed at the beginning of this year. However, after the outbreak of the epidemic last year, many filming trips were forced to be postponed until the resumption of work in the UK in September last year.

During the filming process, Tom Cruise sacrificed strict epidemic prevention standards and paid for the cruise ship to allow the crew to stay safely. However, in early June this year, news of the extras were diagnosed, which also allowed all participating crew members to have access to it. Isolation, the release date will be postponed from November this year to next year.

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