Mississippi man leaves $ 2 million to community groups after his death

NATCHEZ left, Miss. – Mississippi man $ 2 million to 15 community groups after his death.

Neil Varnell (Photo: The Natchez Democrat)

Nat Varz Democrat, Neil Varnell, bed and breakfast host and hotel owner, reported on March 6. Varnell moved to Natchez in 1975 to run the Mississippi South West Mental Health Complex. In 2001, Varnell became a host, hosting guests in his house overlooking the Mississippi River.

Charities, arts groups and historic conservation groups describe the money as a surprise and a blessing.

Natchez Music Festival President, Diana Glaze, says the donation is the largest that his group received in 29 years and will be used to start an endowment.

A theater group states that it will upgrade lighting and sound systems and fund youth program scholarships.

How much has left Varnell to each group not released.

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