Missouri has Arkansas behind monster performance from Jeremiah Tilmon

Missouri basketball home game. Middling visited rival rival. Double lead in the second half. What could go wrong?

There is a lede that can be used repeatedly during this season, recently against Texas A & M last weekend. Unlike this forgotten result, however, Tigers Cuonzo Martin was able to stand against Mike Anderson's Razorbacks, Daniel Gafford and Isaiah Joe, 79-78.

This time, the Tubers put a buckle but never broke, hanging on the 79-78 Razorbacks. Arkansas, down at 14 in two, was found within a point with 10 seconds left and got another possession after an aggressive dirty, but it could have been possible to handle all the Razorbacks equally which Jeremiah Tilmon drew back for determining quotes.

Tilmon also won more than the withdrawal of rebound. The sophomore was once again dominant when he came back from a community tooth wind injury, scored 21-point shooting 8-11 to go with five rebounds and three blocks. Jordan Geist put together 18 points and five programs and Ronnie Suggs made the top five points of his life in the second half.

With Arkansas going on by four, Ronnie Suggs walks hit a corner of five minutes left by Mu's up to 70-63. Gafford continued to retain the Hogs within two possessions, as MU failed to pull his fourth foul and as a result, he sent it to the free line. Two of the people of Missouri came three minutes to Jesus for five minutes left, Pinson and Suggs responded to a float pair.

Sam will have more in a Study Hall afterwards.

While it is inspirational that Missouri will win a win against a good team, it is clear that Mark Smith has lost the Tigers badly.

While the Missouri talent is sometimes working for Smith's shot, the sophomore provides more than one other consistency on the roster. Martin continues to notice when Smith comes back, although he was found without his starter before the game. I still feel that it should not be restored, even if it means a game or two is lost.

Missouri will go to Oxford this weekend to take on Ole Miss, who won two in a row after a four-game slide. The rebels are good, but Missouri has to grab a road peak if he wants to achieve any hope to achieve the NIT.

One of the biggest concerns about NCAA sanctions recently is that older people Mizzou can move wherever they want without penalty. And according to Barry Odom, many schools are trying to take advantage of it.

Odom said Tuesday "the teams are getting in touch and uninterrupted" by the teams that will benefit from the NCAA museums that allow young people to rise from programs hit by post-modem bans without penalty.

This is [braces for impact] really understandable. Kelly Bryant reaffirms his commitment to stay in Missouri, but Missouri has an old age who wants to play his final season elsewhere for other reasons. They may want to play in a bowl or may now be dissatisfied with their roles in the team. Whatever possible, they are until August to make their minds.

This story came true circular when Odom joined one of the CSS Tigers competitors.

"Everyone has a bad day," said Odom, saying he wanted to move his players. "Do you combine with someone – how did we win 51-17 this year?" Tennessee? Yeah, those guys. They are ever-ending everyday [saying], & # 39; Hey, come here. & # 39; The grass is not always blue somewhere else. "

This (a) very frustrating (b) product is also extremely pleasing? Everyone outside the state of Tennessee recognizes that Volunteers have a lot of employees at this point, so it would be a great success to leave any players in school who took the Towards to the wood two years ago after each other. However, I have to admit that Jeremy Pruitt is pleased to see he wants to get a police out of the Missouri talent bath. If you can not beat them, take their players!

I will be sitting back and I'll wait for volunteers of the Volunteers to be mentally tweeted because of their ultimate recruiting type.

  • CBS Sports and NFL.com released new toys yesterday. Drew Lock is going in the first half of the first round to different teams.

  • Yesterday Sophie Cunningham was named one of the last 30 of the Player of the Year. Today, she was named a Player Player of the Week.
  • Speaking on the Mizzou basketball stars, the Breton Breton alumni is following his estimated international career in Australia.
  • Hearnes Center has been restored and is looking for a fine back.
  • Mizzou is giving the names of the Mizzou vs Vanderbilt game this year to the family members of the archeology listed. Cool goth from school.

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