“Misunderstanding of ‘secondary harm’ by the member of the broadcasting discussion committee”

[미디어스=고성욱 기자] A member of the Korean Communications Standards Commission said in a home shopping discussion that mentioned the late comedian, “I can’t guess who it is” and “There are concerns that legal sanctions could cause secondary damage.” Criticism comes out that the ‘secondary damage’ is misunderstood because of this.

On the 14th, the Advertising Discussion Subcommittee of the Broadcasting and Communications Discussion Committee reviewed the CJ OnStyle cosmetics sales broadcast. In the broadcast, the host of the famous show Yun Nan-hee said, “I remembered a certain female comedian” and “I had a lot of worries because of my bad skin, I wish I had known this”, drawing criticism from netizens . A certain deceased comedian is said to have been used to sell things.

Korea Communications Standards Commission Signboard (Media)

During the discussion of the advertising subcommittee on this day, Commissioner Oxichan said, “No matter how much I listened to him, I could not decide what kind of person the comedian the host of the show is talking about was.” It’s what we feel emotionally. , and the host of the show never revealed. It is not possible to collect the rules of engagement until it has been collected and interpreted extensively,” he said. Commissioner Ok said, “I will only give a ‘recommendation’ opinion for the provisions of Article 5, Paragraph 3.”

Commissioner Kim Woo-seok said, “I thought our overdoing (sanctions) was in some way a secondary crime.” I will go,” he said. Commissioner Kim said legal sanctions were unreasonable and gave the opinion of ‘recommendation’ for administrative guidance.

On the other hand, committee member Kim Yu-jin said, “It’s very likely that a few viewers won’t be able to think of it just by mentioning this much.” It even gives the impression that maybe it wasn’t,” he noted.

In terms of the broadcast, 3 out of 5 members of the advertising sub-committee gave a ‘statement of opinion from the production team’, and 2 people gave an opinion of ‘recommendation’, and it was decided on a ‘statement of opinion from the production team’. Article 5 (General Principles) Paragraph 3 and Article 10 (Dignity, etc.) sub-paragraph 9 of the Regulations on Product Presentation and Sales and Broadcasting were applied when discussing the programme. The corresponding clause stipulates that viewers should not be misled by expressions with uncertain grounds, and that expressions which harm the feelings or ethical emotions of viewers by causing dissatisfaction or disgust should not be allowed.

Yoon Yeo-jin, executive director of the Press Human Rights Center, said in a phone call with Media on the 28th, “It’s sure to be a problem to talk about the deceased in a program for the purpose of selling products, regardless. how good is the will.” “Obviously, it’s the show host’s fault. . That is why the person in question also acknowledged his mistake and apologized.”

Director Yoon said, “To say that there is a possibility of ‘secondary harm’ about saying the wrong thing is wrong is to misunderstand ‘secondary harm’. “Regarding this matter, the Korean Communications Standards Commission should discuss according to its purpose, ” he said.

On the other hand, on the 23rd, host Yoo said on his personal SNS, “I realized my mistake about the comment and apologized. I sincerely apologize for hurting many people’s hearts by reminding them of someone.” CJ OnStyle also said, “Mr. did not reveal. Yoo his real name on the broadcast, but he acknowledged that the comment was made, and in the next broadcast, Nan-hee You and the channel apologized directly.” “We will do our best to prevent this from happening again in the future.” he said.

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