Mitistock-SMT Reveals Positive Sales Trend and Launches New EV Charger and Audio Backplate Product Groups

Mitistock-SMT Reveals Positive Sales Trend in Q3/66 with Launch of New Products

Bangkok, Thailand – Mitistock-SMT or Stars Public Company Limited Microelectronics (Thailand) announced today that their sales for the third quarter of 2066 are showing a promising direction. This rise in sales can be attributed to seasonal factors as well as the successful launch of two new product lines – the EV Charger Manager and the Audio Backplate group.

New Product Launch Fuels Revenue Growth

The company anticipates their revenue for this year to reach 3.3 billion baht, with even more substantial growth expected in 2024 when it is projected to soar to 4-5 billion baht. This significant boost in revenue can be attributed to the successful market entry of the aforementioned new products. Additionally, the Optics division, specializing in light-guided fiber communication equipment, has witnessed steady growth throughout the year, contributing to an overall increase in gross profit margins. This can be attributed to the company’s focus on selling high-margin products, a strategy that has proven successful.

Promising Outlook and Unwavering Competitive Edge

Securities analysts have expressed optimism in Mitistock-SMT’s future performance, with expectations of their operating results surpassing 400 million baht in 2023 – a new milestone for the company. The analysts attribute this positive outlook to the company’s ability to outperform its competitors in the industry and their commitment to developing products tailored to meet customer needs.

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Mitistock-SMT or Stars Public Company Limited Microelectronics (Thailand) revealed by Mr. Wirat Phutthai, CEO, that the sales trend for Q3/66 has a good direction. of seasonal factors And the launch of new products are the EV Charger Manager and the Audio Backplate group.

Launch new product groupsEV charger

As for this year’s revenue, it is expected to be 3.3 billion baht and in 2024 it is expected to grow significantly, reaching 4-5 billion baht as a result of the launch of the said new products, while Optics, light-guided fiber communication equipment which has a high margin It continued to grow until the end of the year, causing the gross profit margin to increase. Of the share of selling products with high margins, the share has increased.

Budget ready to break statistics

Securities analysts say that SMT’s 2023 operating results will improve strongly, hoping to reach 400 million baht, making a new high, as a result of its competitiveness being better than the average in the same industry. and they can develop products according to customer needs

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