‘Mitsubishi Electric’ carries innovative cooling products to fight the summer battle

Mitsubishi Electric is confident that the economy will improve in 2013, pushing the air conditioner market to be busy. Moving forward to send an army of refrigeration products, including air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, to the market, ready to draw Non-Thanon as a new presenter Moving forward to strengthen logistics in the north and northeast

Mr Shinji Kamiya Managing Director of the company Mitsubishi electric Kang Yong Wattana Ltd revealed that this year it is believed that the electrical equipment market will improve better. From the economic situation that started to return well After the situation of the cases of COVID-19 receded, despite the domestic inflation situation Including bad weather But it is expected that this year’s air conditioner market trend will be vigorous. of the general economic recovery Including policies to promote investment and stimulate the government sector economy. and is expected to grow by 5-10%.”

This year, the company plans to build a brand and expand its customer base to be more extensive. It will focus on introducing electrical products with advanced technology. save energy have good hygiene To support all customer groups, with products that will be launched this year, such as Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, Mr Slim, the new Happy Inverter KX Series inverter system, designed for comfort with a design that easy to wash, easy to clean

With complete functions, good value at a tangible price level, a new generation of refrigerators developed in response to the New Normal lifestyle by increasing storage space. Save energy with Neuro Inverter system, 4-door Smart Freeze 4D refrigerator, Mitsubishi Electric fan helps prevent electric shock. With an automatic shutdown system when the motor is high temperature with a steel box covering the switch, ensuring premium safety, fiber saving, 5 star grade, 3 star grade, etc.n

“In terms of marketing strategy, we will focus on Sports Marketing by sponsoring BG Patum United Football Club (BGPU) for the fifth year and building brand awareness through mainstream media and online channels throughout the year. Especially online platforms to reach consumers in the digital age, such as Social Media, VDO Content, the use of influencers and KOL, etc., as well as planning promotional activities. and marketing campaigns Ready to support sales channels for dealers on an ongoing basis.

'Mitsubishi Electric' carries innovative cooling products to fight the summer battle

It also launched a new series of advertisements. Building brand awareness through the latest presenter of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, Mr Slim Non-Thanon Jumroen, representatives of the new generation with a friendly, approachable image to create wide awareness and create brand memory The series “Mitsubishi Electric Never Stops Doing Just Saying Good ” reinforces Mitsubishi Electric’s DNA.

The decision to make the best of what is already good. Never stop developing new technologies and products. Making it better every day to meet life’s needs. and for the happiness of all users It will start broadcasting in mid-February. In this year, however, the company aims to maintain the market leadership position in air conditioning and water pumps. This year (April 22 – March 23) is expected to grow by around 10%.

For the financial year 2023, the company is preparing to continuously introduce new products to the market. Including spending more than 1,200 million baht in marketing and branding budgets. The AI ​​Gallery showroom has been transformed into a fully equipped space where customers and visitors can experience new features and technologies.

'Mitsubishi Electric' carries innovative cooling products to fight the summer battle

which can fulfill all the needs under the concept of “solution for saving energy with convenience” (Solutions for Saving Energy with Comfort and Convenience) which meets the needs of energy saving convenience of use Suitable for home use and commercial use also.

Mr Praphon Potivorakhun, Deputy Managing Director, said that this year the company has transformed the organization into a Digital Transformation. Bring technology to improve after sales service to be more efficient. by connecting through an online system and adapting the work in a more digital format In order to respond quickly to the needs of efficient customer service

and create long-term customer satisfaction by raising the level of after-sales service to be perfect with the continuous development of the Online Service System since last year through to be more efficient Emphasizes on connecting the after-sales service system of Mitsubishi Electric service centers, Headquarters and authorized service centers across the country on the same platform.

In addition, the company has continuously increased the efficiency of logistics management. This is one of the factors that increase competitive advantage. The company has developed a logistics transport system. From building warehouses in 2 regions to distribution centers in the northern part of Lampang Province and in the northeastern region of Khon Kaen Ready to develop a modern management system. Connect the network from the center through the Online Service System to increase the efficiency of delivering products to customers in perfect condition and faster.

Page 16, Na Sethakit Newspaper, Year 42, Number 3,854, January 19 – 21, 2023