‘Miu Bird’ Bae Seong-jae, “Thanks to me, the Park Ji-sung couple succeeded… They were caught by the media because of my advice”

Bae Seong-jae revealed an anecdote with Park Ji-sung and Kim Min-ji.

In SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ (hereafter ‘Miu Bird’) broadcast on the 6th, SBS World Cup caster Bae Seong-jae appeared as a special MC.

On this day’s broadcast, Bae Seong-jae revealed that he made the wedding of Park Ji-sung and the couple Kim Min-ji.

To this, Shin Dong-yeop asked, “Are you bluffing that you are the first contributor to the marriage between Park Ji-sung and Kim Min-ji?” Bae Seong-jae, who said it was real and not a bluff, said, “I gave you a blind date, Park Ji-sung is in England, and Kim Min-ji gave advice while texting in Seoul.”

Then, he added, “There was a time when we couldn’t meet for about two years, and there was a time when we were texting. Try texting like this, congratulate me with a text like this when you score a goal. I trained you this way.”

Movers said, “I’m good at other people’s work, but I can’t seem to do my own. After all, I can’t cut my own hair.”

Shin Dong-yeop asked, “I heard there was a time when I was at a loss because I gave the wrong love advice to Park Ji-sung.” Bae Seong-jae then said, “Kim Min-ji and Park Ji-sung started dating after two years of dating. I was very happy to receive the report on the first day from today, but after three or four days, the cases seen continued. .”

Bae Seong-jae drew attention by revealing an anecdote that couldn’t be laughed at, saying, “I advised them to go on a date at Namsan Mountain or the Han River, but the date on the Han River was immediately filmed. Publicist Kim Min-ji sent a selfie saying it was dating according to the council, but it was all being filmed at the time.”

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jung)

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