MIUI 13 is officially released with great improvements in fluency, stability, and security-Xiaomi Xiaomi

At the Xiaomi Mi 12 conference tonight (December 28), MIUI 13 is the first to debut. According to Jin Fan, the head of MIUI,MIUI 13 is built based on the goal of “faster and more stable”, To focus on basic optimization, including focus computing, atomic memory, liquid storage, etc.


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In terms of fluency and speed, three-party applications on the head, such as WeChat, QQ, Weibo, Toutiao, Douyin, Taobao, etc., have significantly improved fluency across all models. Compared with the MIUI 12.5 enhanced version, MIUI 13 has accumulated dropped frames on flagship phones The duration dropped by 15%, and the entry machine dropped by 52%.

The fluency of 23 system applications on all models has also been significantly improved. The cumulative frame drop duration of flagship models has dropped by 23%, and mid-range models have dropped by 26%. Continuous use for 36 months, the degradation of read and write performance is less than 5%.

In terms of privacy, MIUI 13 has three new privacy protection functions: face verification protection, privacy watermarking, and electronic fraud protection. Face verification can block other images except faces at the system level; privacy watermarking can protect ID photos; the entire chain of electronic fraud protection Road-level guardian.

In terms of vision, MIUI 13 brings a new system font MiSans, which is straight and powerful, with a minimalist design, which is conducive to screen display. The rich Opentype features can even automatically adapt the character height to uppercase and lowercase letters, and the layout is more delicate. Open download, free and commercial.

In addition, MIUI 13 combined with Beauty Science to bring a new wallpaper, using a polarization microscope to record the shape and changes of crystal formation through 8K time-lapse photography.

In terms of desktop functions, MIUI 13 supports a wealth of application widgets to provide quick and practical functions, such as the “super countdown day” that is accurate to the second, the “drinking cup” that allows you to drink more water, and the “what to eat today” to solve the problem of choice Wait.

At this press conference, “MIUI Universe” was also officially expanded, from the original Android mobile phone system to a multi-device, cross-platform operating system, adding MIUI Pad, MIUI Home (touch screen speakers), MIUI TV, MIUI Watch, etc. , Subdivided into three scenarios: personal, family, and business.

Among them, MIUI Pad adapts to 3000 applications for large screens, improves the efficiency of full-screen free window operation, and optimizes the stylus/keyboard to match the PC experience. MIUI Home makes touch-screen speakers a smart home control, MIUI TV Enterprise Edition can be used for corporate fighters, corporate atmosphere, guest Wi-Fi, etc.

Upgrade model and push time:

The first batch of the MIUI 13 stable version is expected to be released around the end of January 2022. In addition to the directly pre-installed Mi 12 series, other first batch models include Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11, Mi Pad 5 Pro 5G, Mi Tablet 5 Pro and Mi Tablet 5.

MIUI 13 internal beta and public beta information, the internal beta has been registered in the community, and will be pushed on December 29, supporting more models, including Redmi K40/K30 series, MIX 4, etc.

MIUI Watch started to push the stable version this week, the first batch to support Xiaomi Watch Color 2, Xiaomi Watch S1;

MIUI Home will be launched in mid-January one after another, supporting Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8, Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker 8, Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8;

The first batch of MIUI TV Enterprise Edition will be launched around the end of January, supporting Redmi MAX 86-inch large screen TVs; the second batch will be launched in late March and support Redmi MAX 98-inch smart TVs; the third batch will be launched at the end of April and support Xiaomi TV ES 2022 models 55/65/75 and Redmi TV X55/65/75 2022 models.



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