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‘Miwoo Bird’ Im Won-hee, “Get out of my house” What is the story of the explosion of anger?

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In SBS’ ‘My Little Old Boy’, the soul best friend Yoo Yu-Jan-Jong and the handsome sloppy Choi Jin-Hyeok show off their amazing chemistry through self-painting and give a big laugh.
On this day, close friends Jeong Seok-yong and Choi Jin-hyuk visited the Chanhee House, raising expectations. As it turned out, Wonhee had invited two people to paint a new wall after all the wallpaper in her living room, which she had painted by herself three years ago, fell and was in tatters.
Unlike Seok-yong and Jin-hyeok, who thought lightly of partial painting, the studio could not hide their worries about Won-hee’s excessive desire to paint the entire living room anew.
Not only that, while moving the living room furniture, a woman’s item (?) found under the sofa said, “Why is that in Wonhee’s house? It aroused curiosity along with suspicion, and spread all kinds of imagination (?) and devastated the studio.
On the other hand, Choi Jin-hyeok, “my brother and sister,” who had monopolized the affection of the brothers, this time, took the storm from Im Won-hee. Jinhyeok even went to the self-painting with his ‘equipment sucker’, but just like the famous ‘Jaldang’, mistakes and accidents (?) such as tearing the intact wallpaper if you touch them did not stop, and in the end, Wonhee exploded saying, “Get out of my house right away!” It is rumored that
The results of the living room painting of Wonhee House, who faced a huge crisis due to the activities of Heo Dang and the idiot Jinhyuk, will be revealed on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ at 9:05 pm on the 27th
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