MIXI kicks off the “Ragnarok of Strict Conflict” with “Monst” New characters “Yorzu”, “Mimir” and “Tur” are available now! |gamebiz

WALK<2121>has started the “Ragnarok of Strict Conflict” in “Monster Strike” from today (November 18th).

▼ Holding period
November 18, 2022 (Gold) 12:00 (noon) ~ December 2 (Gold) 11:59

In the “Ragnarok of Strict Conflict” gacha, the new characters “Yorzu”, “Mimir” and “Tur” will appear, and their appearance probability will be greatly increased. In addition, these three bodies are rarely released in the evolved form of beasts.

* You can check the characters that will not be released from the “Ragnarok of Strict Conflict” gacha, details, and the provision ratio on the gacha screen.

▲ Attribute of fire 6 Yorzu, wife of the raven god and purifier of the earth (Beast deity)

▲ Wooden attribute ★6 Sage God Mimir (Beast Deity)

▲ Light attribute 6 Courage god of the sky who brings peace Tyr (beast deity)

■ “Monster Strike”

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