MLB American Professional Baseball” really “big fish” appeared on Yahoo’s Qimo Sports fan page Los Angeles Angel Mike Trout left a message to cheer for Shohei Otani

Los Angeles Angel Shohei Otani (pictured right) with teammate Mike Trout. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Text / Xu Delin

In terms of personal data predictions for the new season of the MLB Major League Baseball, various football commentators and famous players have put forward their opinions. One of them is by Japanese legend Atsushi Gutian also predicted that the Los Angeles Angel Shohei Otani will win 10 wins and 50 hits in the 2022 season. The translation of the news was posted on Yahoo’s Qimo Sports fan page, and even attracted MVP-level teammate “Trout” Mike Trout to leave a message to cheer for Shohei Otani.

The report “MLB / “The number of hits will increase”, the Japanese job title catcher predicts Otani Shohei 10 wins and 50 hits this year” pointed out that Tokyo Yakult Swallows guest coach Atsushi Gutian also made bold predictions about the 2021 American League MVP Shohei Otani when he appeared on the show recently. Mr. Furuta predicted that Shohei Otani would win 10 games and hit 50 home runs in a single season in the new season. He also said that because Angel teammates Trout and Anthony Rendon will return to the team one after another, which will not only give pitcher Otani more firepower The support also allows the hitter Shohei to have more attack opportunities.

Mike Trout藍勾勾認證帳號現身Yahoo奇摩運動粉絲專頁。(粉絲專頁截圖)

Mike Trout’s blue goo goo verified account appeared on Yahoo’s Qimo Sports fan page. (Screenshot of fan page)

The Yahoo Qimo Sports fan page published the news post on the fan group on the evening of January 10. When the community editor posted it, he asked netizens if they had confidence in Dagu? At 6:53 a.m. on January 11th, Taiwan time, I attracted Otani teammate Mike Trout, a 4-time American League MVP, and wrote 4 symbols 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 to cheer for Otani Shohei.

Trout’s message also attracted netizens to write: “God’s name left!”, “Wild Mike Trout is me”, “Caught a big fish”. By noon on the 11th, more than 500 messages had flooded in, and a large number of Netizens come to pilgrimage.

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