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The key points are the deadline for obtaining the annual salary arbitration right and the increase in the taxation line of luxury tax.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) has started lockout (facility closure) at 0:00 EST on the 2nd (14:00 EST). The new labor-management agreement was not finalized by the expiration date of the old labor-management agreement, and the team owners unanimously decided to implement lockout. It expired as it was, and the lockout was carried out.

MLB lockout will be implemented for the first time in 26 years since 1995. Why did you come to lockout this time? What are the obstacles in the labor-management negotiations between the MLB Organization and the Players Association?

The US media “CBS Sports” published an article entitled “Introducing some of the latest suggestions from the players’ association”. The players’ association has asked the MLB organization side to report on the agenda that is at issue in the negotiations.

One of the main issues is shortening the deadline for obtaining the right to mediate annual salary. Currently, major leaguers have the right to mediate annual salary at the end of the third year, but the players’ association demands that this be shortened to two years. In addition, they are requesting permission to use advertising patches for uniforms and expanding the number of playoff teams to 12 teams.

Another issue is the luxury tax line, which is levied on teams whose total annual salary exceeds a certain line. The players’ association demands that the current $ 210 million (about 23,740 million yen) be raised to $ 240 million (about 27,130 million yen). On the other hand, the MLB organization side proposed an alternative plan to raise it to 214 million dollars (about 24,190 million yen) first and finally to 220 million dollars (about 24,870 million yen). , This also doesn’t seem to be organized.

Lockout where all MLB facilities will be closed and all transfer negotiations will be suspended. It is likely to affect the negotiations between outfielder Seiya Suzuki, who aims to transfer to the major leagues using the posting system, and pitcher Yusei Kikuchi, who became a free agent from the Mariners.

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