[MLB Major League Baseball Column]Twice comeback Francisco Liriano finally says goodbye

Francisco Liriano of the Minnesota Twins pitched a no-hitter. (Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)

When it comes to “Phoenix”, most Taiwan fans will think of Guo Hongzhi. However, there are many players who “recovered from the bottom of the valley” not only once, including those who “won the Comeback Award twice”. Francisco Liriano is also very admirable. This “repeated” baseball soul has just officially announced the end of his baseball career and his retirement.

Liriano, who turned 38 last October, has played in 419 career games (300 starts), 112 wins, 114 losses, 20 relays and 1 save, ERA 4.15 (ERA+ 99), 1815K in 1813.2 innings, the only one selected in 2006 Star game, with a World Series championship ring (2017 Astros).

Liriano, who came to the Shuangcheng from the giants through the transaction case, once teamed up with the “King of the Mountain” Johan Santana to form a “Luxurious Double Left” for a while, but he was always troubled by injuries, which made it impossible for him to play his full strength. It is also a must to win the Comeback Award (Twin Cities in 2010, Pirates in 2013), which shows his strong consciousness and desire to return to the court.

The biggest highlight of his career was undoubtedly a no-hitter against the White Sox on May 3, 2011 (9 innings, 123 goals, 6BB, 2K). Liri”‘s good shot, the final 1:0 win, only 44 no-hitter games in major league history are “1:0”, this is one of them, and interestingly, this is also Liriano’s only career closed victory.

In addition, Liriano has another lesser-known record: “He has won both the American League wild card game and the National League wild card game.” He is not only the first player in history, but also the only one currently.”

Wearing a Pirates jersey in 2013, he won 16 wins in 26 regular season games that year, with a defense rate of only 3.02. He took on the important task of starting a key wild card battle. He played against the red man Johnny Cueto. He paid only 7 innings. A high-quality starter who lost a point helped the Pirates win 6:2. In the third game of the National League Division Series, he lost two points in 6 innings against the Cardinals, helping the Pirates draw cards (unfortunately, the Cardinals later reversed their second winning streak).

Francisco Liriano轉戰匹茲堡海盜投出第二春。(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Francisco Liriano pitched his second spring with the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

In 2016, Liriano played in the playoffs again as a Blue Jays player. The Blue Jays and the Orioles reached the playoffs. Liriano boarded the 10th inning, and the back-up scored 1.2 innings. Edwin Encarnacion made an earth-shattering three-point home run in 11 innings. , wins into the bag.

Liriano’s first four playoff appearances have failed (2009 Twin Cities, 2010 Twin Cities, 2013 Pirates, 2016 Blue Jays), and the fifth time he finally got his wish, with the Astros, it is no longer an important force at this time, but In the entire playoffs, he was still on the bullpen for 5 games, and 4 of them were scoreless (including the situation where someone on the first and second base was out during the 5-0 lead in the seventh game of the World Series. Bellinger), to “brush” the sense of existence for the birth process of the golden cup.

The last time Liriano played in the majors was against the Redskins on September 27, 2019. The last batter in his career was Jose Peraza (infield grounder). In 2020 and 2021, respectively, in spring training with the Phillies and the Blue Jays, a total of 11.1 innings were not scored, but due to the impact of the epidemic and the team’s planning of combat power, Liriano was not squeezed into the opening season list, and he missed the opportunity to advance the data and challenge. 2000 rounds, 2000K milestones.

Nonetheless, Liriano survived Tommy John’s surgery and low ebbs, worked his way up, and still deserves to be remembered and respected in the annals of history.

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